Tittle: I'm Married with a Killers 13/13
Pairing: KiBumxHyukJae(KiHyuk)
Rating: R/NC-17
Ganre: Romance,Action,Humour
Warning: MPreg,Guns,Blood
Summary: What would happen when your perfect live change because your husband it’s a killer?

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Tittle: Thinking of you(3/3)
Pairing: DonHaexHyukJae/SiWonxHyukJae(broken!)
Rating: NC-17
Ganre: Romance,Smut,Angst
Warning: Smut
Summary: 4 years and he still can’t move on from his past,what will happen when someone from your past back into your live again?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3A
Chapter 3B

Tittle: 7 Minutes in Heaven(2B/3) ON GOING!
Pairing: KiBumxHyukJae(girl!)
Rating: NC-17
Ganre: Romance,Smut
Warning: Smut,gender switch
Summary: It’s all begin with only 7 minutes.Can they make it last forever?

Chapter 1A
Chapter 1B
Chapter 2a
Chapter 2B

Tittle: Just a feeling(2B/2B)
Pairing: DongHaexHyukJae(girl!)
Rating:PG-13/NC-17(Chap 2B)
Ganre: Romance,angst
Warning: Gender switch,angst,Smut
Summary: He love her with all his heart but his ego to be free is so strong,what would he choose to be free or put back every pieces in their life again?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2A
Chapter 2B

Tittle: If we ever meet again(2/2)
Pairing: HyukJaexDongHae
Rating: PG-13/NC-17(Chapter 2)
Ganre: Romance, Slide angst
Warning: Smut
Summary: They are hiding the real thing about themselves.Will they find out the real thing about each other?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Tittle: Warm me up(17/17)
Pairing: HyukJaexDongHae
Rating: PG-13
Ganre: Romance,fluff,angst
Warning: HyukJae(top),DongHae(bottom) and some age different(Hyuk:24 and Hae:16),CHARATER DEAD!!
Summary: What happen when a spoil president son meet a cool bodyguard with some dark secret in the past?

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Chapter 17

Tittle: A Certain Romance(2B/2B)
Pairing: KiBumxHyukJae(girl!)
Rating: NC-17
Ganre: Romance,Smut
Warning: Smut,gender switch
Summary: A not so typical love story between a full of suprize boy and a perfectcionist girl

Chapter 1
Chapter 2A
Chapter 2B

Tittle: Abnormally Attracted to Teenage Boys(3/4) ON GOING!
Pairing: KiHaeHyuk(Girl!Hyuk)
Rating: R
Ganre: Romance,Smut
Warning: Smut,Gender switch,Teacher and students
Summary: She’s just a trial teacher who suddenly trap between this two punk teenage boys…..

Chapter 3

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Chapter 2A
Chapter 2B

Tittle: Right Girl 3.B2/3.B2
Pairing: HaeHyuk(Girl!Hyuk)
Rating: NC-17
Ganre: Romance,angst
Warning: Angst,Gender switch,Sweet and kind HeeChul(This is should be on the warning right?)
Summary: He caught himself to a simple bet but something a long the way turning a simple bet into a heart game and how to pick up every pieces in his life

Chapter 1A
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Chapter 2
Chapter 3A
Chapter 3.B1
Chapter 3.B2

Tittle: King Of Everything(4/4)
Pairing: HyukHae(Top:Hyuk!)
Rating: R
Ganre: Angst!
Warning: ANGST!Incest!Death!
Summary: Old enough to fall in love….too young to understand it

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4A
Chapter 4B

Tittle: I’ve Been Dying to Reach You(3/3)
Pairing: HaeHyuk(Girl!)
Rating: R
Ganre: Drama,Romance,Slight Angst!
Warning: Ghost!Smut!Gender switch(Hyuk:girl!)
Summary: He never thought he will be dealing with a ghost and He never thought a ghost can change his life……for good or for a wrost?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2A
Chapter 2B
Chapter 3A
Chapter 3B

Tittle: People and Thing(3/3)
Pairing: HaexHyuk(Girl:Hyuk!)
Rating: Nc-17
Warning: Gender switch,Smut
Summary: He never thought he will meet a living doll…..a somewhat like pinocchio

A/N: This is special for haehyuksarang I’m so sorry took me so long to write this but hopefully you like it and enjoy the story*bow*.

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Tittle: Bigger boy and Stolen Sweetheart(4/4)
Pairing: HaexHyuk
Rating: Nc-17
Ganre: Angst,romance,fluff,drama,smut
Warning: Smut
Summary: He wanted Him to be the ending for his fairy tale,but what about Him?
A/N: This is special for imyouruniverse Hopefully you like it,I try to make it just as you wanted to be and I hope you enjoy the story*bow*.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2A
Chapter 2B
Chapter 3A
Chapter 3B
Chapter 4

Tittle: Heaven Forbid(1/2)
Pairing: HaexHyuk
Rating: Nc-17
Warning: Smut,ANGST
Summary: From young, we were taught how to love but not how to stop.

Chapter 1


Tittle: When you say nothing at all(one shot)
Pairing: HyukHae
Rating: NC-17
Ganre: Romance,Smut
Warning: Smut,Top:Hyuk,Bottom:Hae
Summary: Love doesn’t always to say I love you….

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Tittle: Teenage Dream(one shot)
Pairing: DongHaexHyukJae
Rating: NC-17
Ganre: Romance,fluff,smut
Warning: Smut!Gender switch(Hyuk:girl)
Summary: He was her bully but that’s just a reason behind his real feeling for a girl whose have a late hormone and last blossoms than any other girl.

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Tittle: It’s all for you(one shot)
Pairing: HyukJaexDongHae(Top:Hyuk,Bottom:Hae)
Rating: NC-17
Ganre: Romance,Smut
Warning: Smut
Summary: A cute real estate agent meet an arrogant rich man.

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Tittle: About the Girl(1shot)
Pairing: KiHyuk(Girl!Hyuk)
Rating: Pg-13
Ganre: Romance,fluff,drama,angst
Warning: Gender switch
Summary: When he realize his feeling it’s just too late….or?

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Tittle: I Love the Thing You Do(1shot)
Pairing: HaeHyuk(Girl!Hyuk)
Rating: Nc-17
Ganre: Romance,fluff,drama,angst
Warning: Gender switch,Smut
Summary: He see her when she is invisible but She always have her eyes on him

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Tittle: Drive Away(1shot)
Pairing: KiHaeHyuk(Girl!Hyuk)
Rating: Nc-17
Ganre: Romance,fluff,drama,smut
Warning: Gender switch,Smut
Summary: It’s all beginning with a simple ride but who knows where’s the end is lead for them.

A/N: This is special for arcee_b33 my smut is not a match for your’s but promise is a promise so here it this.And this is also for everybodys who helping me with the “spot”thing…..enjoy.

Part A
Part B

Tittle: You Got Me(1shot)
Pairing: HaeHyuk(Girl!Hyuk)
Rating: Nc-17
Ganre: Romance,fluff,smut
Warning: Gender switch,Smut
Summary: HyukJae thought DongHae was a gay and that’s how the story begins

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Tittle: Long Distance(1shot)
Pairing: HyukHae(Top:Hyuk!)
Rating: Nc-17
Ganre: Romance,fluff,smut
Warning: TOP:HYUKJAE,Smut
Summary: Away from your boyfriend,the last thing you need is a video sex from your boyfriend…

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Swing It(1/3)

Chapter 1:

DongHae just standing,he can’t even sit down for a while after he heard the information.The first thing he do was calling his lawyer slash his brother to come to his office immediately.

KyuHyun now reading a document or a file that HyukJae bring to the office she wanted to show it to DongHae but since DongHae is freaking out he can’t do anything even read or just sit calmly on the couch.

KyuHyun scan all the paper slowly,reading each of the paragraph carefully.He close the file and smile” Lady,a lot of women do this to my brother but what you do is a new way,you know?”

HyukJae frown”What?are you saying I’m scamming your brother?like some kind of fraudsters!Just listen to me!”She sound kinda desperate.

KyuHyun shake his head”We are not gonna lisening to you.You know that my brother can sue you for this!”He give HyukJae his cold lawyer tone.

“You can call to this number”HyukJae pointhing to the number on the right corner of the paper from her file that she bring.

“Do you want to fool me!This is just a fake number,do you think I’m just a lame lawyer!I know this trick,I’m not gonna call.Now get out before my brother and I changer our mind and make your live like a living hell!”

HyukJae stand up,took her file”Just—“

“”Get out!”KyuHyun kinda shout.

The girl walk out from the office without saying anything.

“And that’s how you treat a scammer like her”KyuHyun turn around to face DongHae with a grin on his face when the girl already out from the office.

DongHae suddenly lay down on the couch,still in shock about everything”Kyu,what if she’s right.”He says when he finally remember how to speak.

“About what?”

DongHae lift his head so he can see KyuHyun’s face”Everything”

KyuHyun sigh”You just shock,man.After the new information and all so your brains work like that.Relax,okay”

DongHae sit now”I don’t know,everything is just seems so right when she said it”

Kyuhyun sigh”Okey,lets reply what she said.She said she went to this hospital”KyuHyun waving a paper that HyukJae bought”And than she do an insemination so she can have a baby without having a sex and by a chance she got your sperm.The question is,how can she got your sperm if you didn’t donate your sperm to this hospital? And second all I know that the hospital not suppose to telling whose the father of the baby cause that’s the charm about the insemination.You get the baby,not having sex,didn’t need to know whose sperm it is.See,realistic?”

DongHae take the paper with the address and a phone number in it”Let’s just check.We go to this place just to check if it’s true or not”

“Hyung!For god sake she just want to fool you!”

DongHae run his fingers through his brunette hairs”I’m just curious,please Kyu”

“Fine!like I have a nother choice!”


They find the hospital,it’s a special insemination hospital right in the heart of the city didn’t take long for them to find the place.A nice looking hospital,all white and there are a couple of expensive cars park on the lot of the hospital’s.

“I didn’t know there is some kind of this hospital right in the city and how come we never realize it.This is like a mainstreet.Crazy,dude.”KyuHyun say while stepping out from the car.

“She’s telling the truth”

“We’ll see when we get inside”


“Welcome,what can I do for you?”A girl on the front desk welcome the both of them.

DongHae glance to KyuHyun who rolling his eyes and then say to the front desk girl”We will like to meet with”KyuHyun take out the paper from his coat pocket and read the name on the paper”Zhoumi-ssi”

“Do you already make an appointments?

“No”Both DongHae and KyuHyun say at the same time.

The girl have this mocking smile kinda face“What is your name?”

“DongHae.Lee DongHae”DongHae immediately say.

The girl mocking smile gone,replace with a knowing something kinda smile”Very well,come with me”


The two sit in the office chair waiting for Zhoumi to come.

“I don’t like waiting and this place it’s full of sperm.I don’t like it”KyuHyun start to whine.

“Stop your whining!”

“What!You drag me into this!”

“Gentlemen,sorry for making you waiting for me”She sit in front of both DongHae and KyuHyun”It’s about time you come to show your face again in here”She smile,put some file on the table”I’m Zhoumi the owner of this place.”

Zhoumi is a tall and very slim chinese woman,all smiley face but with a mysterious aura around her.And even KyuHyun who have an evil aura with him didn’t like this chinese lady aura cause that’s make KyuHyun always alert when his around this kind of people.

“So,I assume you already meet Ms.Lee today”Zhoumi say still with a smile on her face.

“How do you know?”DongHae suddenly sit up right on his chair.

She make a face”Well,she just come here several days ago.If you show up in here I assume you didn’t take the news well and the girl ending up with walking out from your door.”

“Lady”KyuHyun take over the conversation”We understand that she do the insemation but with this guy”KyuHyun pointing to DongHae”Sperm,how can that be?He never went to this place,never donate his sperm.”

“Okey,Four or three years ago you two”Zhoumi pointing both DongHae and KyuHyun”Come to this place and this guy”She put her chin on the back of her hand,looking right into DongHae”Decide that it will be great to donate his sperm,he said’it will be great to have a child like me’”

“What?”Both KyuHyun and DongHae shout.

“…no!I don’t remember a thing!about coming to this sperm place!”DongHae now more than just panic”I sue you,I will sue you for this.Kyu,sue this lady and this—this curse sperm place!”

Zhoumi frown”Sue me all you want but I have a proof right here”She push a file in front of DongHae and KyuHyun”Ms.Lee must be show you both the copy but I have the authentic document,here”She push the file to DongHae and Kyuhyun.

KyuHyun immediately take the file”This is your handwriting,hyung”

“How can you get my handwriting!”DongHae is kinda shout,looking back and forth from the file and then to zhoumi.

“Well,every sperm donors must fill some basic information about himself and you clearly doing it,no one can falsify someone handwriting,right?”

KyuHyun keep flipping the paper and DongHae keep open his mouth cause he just too shock for everything.

“Oh God!Oh fucking God!”KyuHyun suddenly says,he cover his eyes with his hand”I remember!now I remember!”

“Remember what?”DongHae take a glance to Zhoumi and she’s smiling.

“Four years ago,it was your birthday.We were so wasted and then you decide it was a good idea to make a child.”KyuHyun looks like trying hard to remember”I don’t know how but we did ending up in this place but I remember you keep saying’I will be great to have a child like mine’”Suddenly KyuHyun can feel the fear that his Hyung feeling it all this time.Both KyuHyun and DongHae look at Zhoumi with a biggest shock face,she just said that line a moment ago and now KyuHyun remember it too clearly that his Hyung actually said that lines over and over again four years ago.

“I told you so”Zhoumi says in a kinda sing a song mix with proud tone in it.

“Oh God!”DongHae lean his head to back of the chair,closing his eyes trying to calm himself down.

“Ms.Lee came here and wanted to do an insemination,do some basic test and the result of her test match with your’s so I gave your’s sperm.Everythings went perfect until couple of days ago she came and wanted me to tell her who is the owner of the sperm.I know I shouldn’t told about that cause that’s the charm of the insemination but—“Zhoumi stop talking.

“What!but what!”DongHae ask too curious for the answer.

Zhoumi smile”It’s a personal reason,I think you better hear it by yourself.Should I call Ms.Lee,so she can come here and talk to you?”

DongHae look at KyuHyun and his brother just giving him a-we-are-so-stupid-back-then look.

Then DongHae decide to nod.


“I still don’t remember a thing,Kyu”DongHae says,he lean his back on the back of the couch,both of them still inside Zhoumi office while the lady excuse herself cause she need to do something.

“Congratulations,you are a dad,Hyung”

“I don’t—Shut up Kyu!”DongHae glare to his brother.

“Ms.Lee is here”Zhoumie suddenly appear and HyukJae already standing behind her,she told HyukJae to came in to the room”Well,Why don’t we leave them so they have some room”She says,eyes looking at KyuHyun telling him to off the room with her eyes but KyuHyun didn’t seems to notice that.

“Mr.Lee?”Zhoumi now direct her tone to DongHae.

“Kyu,get out”

“Oh,I’m sorry.I will give you some room”He stand up and then following Zhoumi out from the room.

“Please sit down”DongHae says”I’m sorry about earlier today at my office I’m sorry that I kick you out,I’m just panic—too panic”

HyukJae sit in front of him” That’s okey,I’ll be panic if I were you too”She offer a nice smile to DongHae”I guess Zhoumi-ssi already tell you about everything right?”

“Yeah,she told me about the insemination and how you get my sperm,and,yeah everything.”DongHae now feeling so awkward”So,we have a child without having sex?”He try to least the tension in the room.

HyukJae smile”Basicly,I’m sorry cause I know this must be a burden for you but I really need your help just for once and I promise I will gone forever,I’m not gonna bother you for the rest of your live.”

“Before,we continue can I ask you something?”


“The child,is it a boy or a girl?”

HyukJae smile”A boy and his name is Henry,his five”

“I have a son,oh wow”DongHae have this proud expression on his face.

“Yeah,He always ask about his father and want to know who or where is his father and all this time I always have the answer for that and he always believe it.But,not until he came home from school crying.”HyukJae stop for a while”I asked him why and then he said all of his friends making fun of him saying that his mother is a lesbian and he just a lab experiment,they beat him up.”

“What?beat him up?kids beat him up”DongHae can’t believe that,how can kids can beat up other kids.

HyukJae look sad but a smile still on her face”Yes,I already talk to his teachers but they can’t always keep an eyes to Henry especially when is recess.I was thinking to transfer him to another school but I can’t do that even if I did transfer Henry to another school,it will all be just repeated again and again.I know that this is so sudden but if you want to we can take a DNA test if you still unsure.”

“No”DongHae says”No,need DNA test”He take a deep breath”I believe in you.So what can I do for my son?”

“Henry have a soccer match next week and I want you to come,just this once.I promise, after that I will stay away from you,I promise.”

“I do it,I will come to his soccer match”DongHae says without even thinking.

HyukJae have a surprise expression on here”Really? thank you”HyukJae suddenly take DongHae’s hand and holding tight”Thank you so much.Just once,I promise.”


“HyukJae-ssi”DongHae call her when they already outside Zhoumi’s office”How about dinner tonight?you and Henry.I want to know him a little bit before the soccer match if that’s okey with you”

HyukJae kinda startle but she didn’t show it”Oh,well.I ….”She’s thinking about the idea”Why not”an unsure smile show on her face.

“Okey”Suddenly he feel relief and he didn’t know why”So,is Henry like pasta?”

“He like cheese a lot”

“I know this great italian restaurant,couple of blocks from here.So we meet at seven?”

She still look kinda unsure but nod anyway.

“See you at seven”DongHae wave.

She just smile and walk away.


“I raise two idiots without a brain at all!”Their mother keep moving her mouth the moment DongHae decide to tell her,she’s sitting on the back seat of the car all of them already on the way to the Italian restaurant to meet HyukJae and DongHae’s son”I’m telling you this is must be just some kind of a joke!She just want some money”

“No,she is not.How many times I should tell you,she didn’t want anything except me meeting our son”The part of our son DongHae say it a little bit awkward.

The old lady suddenly sitting up right on the center of the back seat”Nobody in this whole universe telling exactly they want some money,in the end of this she’s just asking you to give her a child support,that’s it!”

DongHae roll his eyes.

“Don’t you rolling your eyes on me,don’t you dare Lee DongHae!”She pointing her finger to DongHae”So here’s what we gonna do,A DNA test must do,if the DNA didn’t match and she just a filthy scammer we should sue her!KyuHyun you do that!”She kinda grap KyuHyun’s shoulder whose driving.

“Okey mother whatever you say”He says just to entertain his mother.


The three of the Lee family members already sitting at the reseved table waiting for HyukJae,DongHae intentionally come earlier just to make sure everything is perfect before both HyukJae and his son come.He have a green  with a little bit of yellow dinosaur doll,it’s kinda big but DongHae think kids love big plushie doll.

“When she come,we all should be harsh on her!push her to tell the truth so she’s out!I know this kind of girls!”Their mother start to moving her lips again.

“She’s actually a really nice girl with a brain”KyuHyun says”Not that I defended her or something”He add quickly when he see his mother giving him a look”I do some background check just to make sure,she’s a legal consultant for a big enterprise so basicly she have a wonderful career,graduate from one of ivy league college in Korea,long story short she have an impressive background.”

“Why are you looking at me like that!Just because she have an impressive background,everybody can fake that basic information!”

“She’s here,shut up!”DongHae warn them.Their mother giving DongHae a pissed off look but she decide to shut it.

HyukJae walk in to the restaurant with a little biy beside her,holding her hand tightly at that moment DongHae just can’t take his eyes from the little boy,all new feeling building up inside him.

“Oh,God”He hear his mother gasp beside him but he decide to ignore her this time.

“I’m sorry,do I make you all waiting long?”HyukJae says while bowing to DongHae’s mother.

“No,not at all.”DongHae says but his eyes still on the little kid,whose now kinda hiding behind his mother.DongHae kneeling so he can be at the eye level with the little boy”Hai,Henry”He says softly.

The little boy look up to his mother like asking for a permission”Go,say hai to daddy”HyukJae smile and push her little boy gently so he can meet with his father.

Henry shyly and slowly take a step so his standing in front of DongHae,his big,round eyes staring at DongHae’s suddenly he reach for DongHae putting his little palm on DongHae’s cheek”Daddy”He say.

DongHae look kinda lost after he hear that but he pull Henry to his embrace,holding him tight”Yes,I’m your daddy”He whisper to the little boy’s ear”I’m sorry…sorry to make you waiting so long.”

“Is okey”Henry say with a lowly voice like he understand everything about this matter.

“I have something for you”DongHae show the big green and yellow dinosaur plushie to Henry.

The little boy shyly take it,hugging the big plushie that slightly bigger than him”Thank you”He smile to DongHae and reach up to holding his mother’s hand still all smiling.


“Mommy”Henry pat HyukJae’s arm”Can I see fishes?”He says while pointing to the big aquarium in the center of the restaurant.

“Yes,sure.”HyukJae is about to stand up from her chair when KyuHyun suddenly speak.

“I will take him,you can sit.”KyuHyun for once doing a right thing.

The little kid seems a little bit unsure”Mommy?”

“Henry,Uncle Kyu can speak fish language.Don’t you wanna know what the fishes talk about?”

Henry suddenly have a big smile on his face,KyuHyun lift him up from his chair.

HyukJae keep her eyes to Henry”Thank you for doing this”She says when both KyuHyun and Henry already busy with the tank fish”I know that all of you must be have a doubt,if you wanna do a DNA test—“

“Oh darling”DongHae’s mother reach for HyukJae’s hand and holding it”We don’t need DNA test,looking at him”Her eyes suddenly looking for Henry”It’s just like looking at DongHae when he still a little boy,so no need DNA test”

HyukJae smile”Thank you…thank you so much.I don’t want you all to think about I want a child support or any of that,no!i don’t want that.I don’t need money”She explain cause it’s just bother her.

“I know,honey.I know”DongHae’s mother patt her hand.

“What happen to sue her and acting harsh on her?”DongHae wonder.


“See you next week okey.”DongHae say while hugging Henry tight suddenly he didn’t wanna separate from the little boy.

“Daddy will come right?to my soccer game?”The little boy clutching the back of DongHae’s coat so tight like he didn’t wanna let his daddy go.

“I will come,promise.Grandma will come too.”

“Uncle Kyu?”

DongHae chuckle hearing that”He will come,we all gonna come”DongHae kiss the top of Henry’s head,burry his nose to his little boy hairs taking his baby smell.

“Are you sure,you don’t want me to drop you at home?”DongHae ask HyukJae he handing Henry so HyukJae can carry him.

“No,thank you.So,see you next week.”HyukJae smile.

“Bye daddy.”Henry wave his little hand.

“Bye, my baby boy”Never know a good bye can be so hard like this for DongHae.

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Swing It


“Mr.Lee,there is someone here wanting to meet you”His secretary says over the speaker phone.

DongHae frown,didn’t even remember he have a nother appointment”I’m done with my appointment,right!”He kinda piss right now cause his secretary know how much he hates it when people just show up randomly in front of his office with even telling him or scheduling with him first,and his secretary already working for him for almost four years,she must know that basic information about DongHae by now”Whoever it is just tell them to fucking piss off!”

“It’s a personal matter,sir”

DongHae know that kind of tone,if his secretary use that tone that must be a real matter.

He think for a minute,take a deep breath”Okey,send in to my office”

A minute latter there’s a knock on his door”Come”He says,eyes glue to the door wanting to know who is his guest.

The door open and a nice looking lady with a dark blue office dress,natural make up,blonde hairs”I’m sorry for taking your time”She smile a polite but beautiful smile.

DongHae immediately stand up”Please sit down”he gesture to the couch right in the center of his office,telling his secretary to off with a glare of his eyes.

“Would you like something to drink?”DongHae he says giving the girl his boyish smile.

“No,no but thank you.I just really need to talk to you”

DongHae sit in front of the girl”Okey,so Ms—“

“HyukJae,Lee HyukJae”She says offer her hand to DongHae so they can shake.

DongHae take the hand giving a right,linger squeeze,keep his eye contact to the girl that’s his way to seduce a girl and his doing it with the girl who sitting in front of him cause he can help it,he love beautiful girls and this girl is surely beautiful.

“Nice to meet you Ms.Lee”Still with his boyish smile”So,what can I do for you”

HyukJae open her mouth and then close it again,like she is thinking so hard to talk or not”You—“She stop,bitting her bottom lips,nervous”I don’t know how to say this”

DongHae raise his eyebrow,looking amuse to the girl”Jus say it,Ms.Lee”

“You are a father of my child”She say it,clearly.Eyes looking right into DongHae’s.

“Excuse me!!


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I be Your Boyfriend 1/1

I Be Your Boyfriend 1/1

Long blonde hairs,expensive bag and law books on her hand,pretty natural face with only a slight of make up,long legs taking a hurry steps passing through people in the university hall,many eyes on her.She stop in front of the door before pushing it,eyes scanning all the people inside the library until she found the one she’s been looking for.

Taking a slow steps now she make her way to the other”DongHae?”She says when she already standing in front of the boy.

The boy looking up from the thick book he is reading,fixing his glasses,a pen stuck on his mouth”Yes”

HyukJae pull a chair in front of him ans sit on it”I need to talk to you and you”She pointing her newly manicure finger to DongHae”need to listen,just listen for whatever I’m gonna says,don’t cutting my words,don’t asking me why in the end of my story!all you have to do just answer yes or no,got it?”She give DongHae a pointed look.

Still with a pen stuck in his mouth DongHae nods.

“Okey,My name is HyukJae.I suppose you know me”Well everybody in the university know her,she got it all brain,beauty and well a kinda good behavior.HyukJae hoping for a yes or a nod as the answer.


“What?”She will shout if she wasn’t in the library “Lee HyukJae,fakulty of law”

DongHae think for a moment”well let me just saying yes for that and your point?”

HyukJae lost of words after he take a breath to wash over her irritated ”Okey,forget it.My parents are coming to visit me and I just broke up with my boyfriend cause he was a total ass and my parents doesn’t like him at all.I told my parents that I already dumped him and also telling them that I already date a nother boy,so I need you to be my boyfriend.I pay you”

“Sorry I don’t do that anymore”DongHae back to reading his book again.


“Didn’t you said we can’t asked why”

HyukJae let out an irritated sigh”Okey..okey forget it.We can asking why,so why?”

“I already said I didn’t do that kind of stuff anymore”

“But,your friend said you can help me”

DongHae sighs”KyuHyun?”

HyukJae nods”Please,I know you need a money and I can give you money if you help me,just please.”

“Okey,I will help you”DongHae run his fingers through his brunette hairs.

“Okey.Can I have your phone number so I can call you if I need you to be my fake boyfriend”HyukJae give her cell phone to DongHae.

“Sorry,but that’s not how I work”

“So?how can I contact you?”

“Just come here if you need me,tell me the time and place and what to wear and that’s it,I’m ready to be your fake boyfriend.”

“What if you are not here?”

“I be here”He says eyes still fully on the book

“It’s kinda far you know,walking from my building into your building because my building which is fakulty of law is right there”HyukJae pointing to the west”and your building is here”HyukJae made a huge gap with her hands”It’s far you know”

“And yet you still walking from your building to get in here although it’s  kinda far.You need me”

“You need my money”

“I don’t need your money,I already told you I didn’t do that kind of stuff anymore and I can quit anytime I want.”

“Alright,fine I do it your way”HyukJae stand up from the chair”But you better be in here all the time!”That’s what she says before she leave the library.


“So?did you find someone?”SungMin ask when HyukJae sitting next to her in the campus garden.

“Yeah”HyukJae gulp down her drink.

“Who is it?”


“What?DongHae as Lee DongHae from the fakulty of medicine,this DongHae?”SungMin is all about shocking after hearing the news.

“Yeah,why are you shouting like that?Jeez keep it down Minnie”HyukJae fix her hairs”His cute and good looking also but kinda annoying,his handsome don’t you think?”

SungMin didn’t know what to says”Yes,he is handsome.Hyukkie let me tell you something”She put both of her hand in HyukJae’s shoulder”You don’t pay someone especially Lee DongHae to pretend to be your boyfriend,pretend that he was falling in love with you”


“You can’t handle someone like DongHae,trust me you can’t”

HyukJae narrow her eyes”You mean I will falling for him?”

SungMin nods.

“What makes you think like that?”

“Cause is easy to falling in love with him,trust me”

HyukJae chuckle”and that’s why you need to watch and learn from me”


A week later both DongHae and HyukJae sitting next to each other with HyukJae’s parents in same table,this is DongHae very first task as HyukJae’s fake boyfriend.

“So,DongHae what major you are take?”HyukJae’s mother ask.

“I’m study medical,ma’am”He answer with a polite smile.

Oh,you are wishing to be a doctor?”

“A pediatrician,I like kids”

HyukJae can see both of her parent falling into DongHae well who doesn’t he was a perfect fake boyfriend.

“Do you wish to have some kids with HyukJae?cause I would love to have a doctor as a son in law”Her mother ask giggling with her own question.

“Mother”HyukJae try to warn her.

“Someday,I would love to have kids”DongHae answer with a dazzling smile and HyukJae stare at it,at the dazzling smile he just give to her mother.

“Tell us about you and your family,DongHae”Her father ask while sipping his wine.

“Father that’s too personal”HyukJae tried to stop her parent to talk anything personal anout DongHae.

“No,that’s okey”DongHae tell her”Well,I’m the only child.My father passed away when I was ten years old”

“I’m sorry to hear that,darling”HyukJae’s mother squeeze DongHae’s hand tight and HyukJae didn’t like what she see.

“Why is she so touchy!he is my boyfriend!”

“My mother left me when I was twelve years old,she sent me to an orphanage I spent my childhood in there.When I was fifteen,the nun at my orphanage sent me to this catholic boarding school cause she tought I was smart enough to went there than to the orphanage school.”

“She pay your education for the whole three years?”Her father ask,showing a huge interest with the story.

“No,only the first year cause the school taught I’m smart enough so they gave me a full scholarship”

HyukJae’s father nods his head still showing a huge interest which is rare for him to show an interest over someone else story and her mother look at DongHae with a much of adoration.

“I graduate from there and then got an offer from the university for a full scholarship in the major that I always wanted and then I met your daughter”He finish his story while holding HyukJae’s hand and smile to her.

HyukJae who still amaze with DongHae’s story just give him a stupid face.

“I also work”DongHae continue still holding HyukJae’s hand”I wok at the children hospital on the weekdays and on the weekend I work at the club mixing some drink,I hope you don’t mind with me mixing some drink as a job?”

“Naah,I don’t mind”HyukJae’s father says”You still young”He smile and pat DongHae’s shoulder.

HyukJae can’t believe this,her father hates anything that relate to drinking,alcohol and club but he let DongHae away with it.


Her mother hug HyukJae so tight”Call me okey”She says.

“I will mother”

“And HyukJae”She let go of the hug and look at her daughter’s eyes”Don’t let him get away,I don’t know what you do to get him but don’t let him get away,promise me”

HyukJae only nods.

“Okey,I will go now”She give one last kiss to HyukJae before slipping into the car with her husband both DongHae and HyukJae holding hands while waving until the car out of their sight.


“Thank you”HyukJae says when they are already inside HyukJae’s car,DongHae driving his taking HyukJae home to her place.

“You welcome”He didn’t even glance a little bit to HyukJae,eyes keep on the road.

When both of them reach HyukJae’s place DongHae wait until HyukJae open the front door and step inside her place.He just the front gate when HyukJae call his name”Yeah?”

“Here is your money”She give an envelope”Do you want me to call a cab?”

DongHae take the envelope put it in his coat pocket”No,thank you”he walk out from HyukJae’s place.

HyukJae bite her lower lips and suddenly call for his name again.

“What?”DongHae stop walking and turn around.

“You still work for me right?cause I still need you”

“I only work for you madam”He bow like a buttler”You know where to find me”He bow only last time before walking away.



DongHae look up from the book his reading”Hey”

“Can I sit?”


HyukJae pull the chair”So,do you have time for lunch?”

DongHae look up from the book,chewing the tip of his pen”Yeah,when and where?”

“Now”HyukJae kinda hesitant doing this but something about DongHae that she want to know better”Just you and me,my class got cancel and SungMin still have a class.”

DongHae close the thick medical book put it in inside his backpack”I need to work at the hospital now”

“Ohhh”HyukJae try to hide her disappointment,she really hope DongHae and her can spend some time alone to know each other even though that not nessercary but she want it.

He wear his backpack and stand up”You can come if you want”

“Really?”She just can hide her excitement.


They take a bus cause DongHae didn’t want riding HyukJae’s car.

“You never took a bus before?”DongHae ask,looking so amusing about the fact HyukJae never took a bus.

She hold DongHae arm tightly standing really close to him,she didn’t want to hold the bus handle or sit in the chair for some silly reason from DongHae point of view”I took a bus when I was still in the middle school”

“School bus?”

HyukJae nods.

DongHae chuckle”That’s doesn’t count”

And HyukJae find she love to see DongHae smile.


“Wear this”DongHae give a white doctor coat to HyukJae.

“But,I’m not a doctor I’m a visitor can I just wear a visitor coat?”

“There is nothing such as a visitor coat”He help HyukJae wear the coat”Come with me”

HyukJae follow DongHae he see many childrens arounds”Off course this is a children hospital”

“Do you want come inside with me or waiting in here?”DongHae ask.

“Come inside with you”

“Are you sure?cause this is not like what you are thinking”

“I like kids DongHae,don’t worry about it”


“Intensive care unit”HyukJae read.

DongHae open the door signaling HyukJae to come inside the room,many beds inside the room and childrens laying on it,she wait DongHae to come inside and follow him.

“Hai Kimmy”DongHae say with a low voice to a kid,HyukJae stay behind him.

“Hai,Doctor”HyukJae can hear the kid soft and low voice.

“How do you feel?”

“Not good,who is that?”The kid ask.

DongHae smile to the kid,he signaling HyukJae to stand next to him and HyukJae do what DongHae told.

“Kimmy this is HyukJae,say hai to her”

“Hai”She said softly.

HyukJae can’t says anything,the moment she see the kid face she was full of shock half of the kid face is burned,some of her hands also burned.

“HyukJae”DongHae shake her hand a bit.

“Sorry,hai”She try to smile even though hard”Hai,Kimmy.”She hold her tiny hand.

It was not only Kimmy the all the kids inside the intensive room are fire victims,some part of their body got burned.


“They gonna be fine”DongHae rubbed HyukJae’s back,after the visit HyukJae just can’t stop crying seeing all the kids in there.

“You promise me you gonna make them all fine,right?”She says while sobbing.

“I promise,now eat your lunch is getting cold”

“I can’t eat”Still sobbing a little

DongHae sigh”I’m not gonna let you visit the kids again if you didn’t eat your lunch”

HyukJae gasp”You mean”She take the plate putting a spoon of salad inside her mouth”I will tell the kids their doctor is an meany”She pout while chewing her food.


They spend a lot of time together just the way HyukJae like it,she even take a forensic law as one of her courses just so she can bonding with DongHae and his medical world.DongHae spend a lot of time at HyukJae’s place helping her with her forensic study and teaching how to spell the right words about forensic for her paper cause HyukJae didn’t good at spelling words,HyukJae visit DongHae at the hospital a lot and finally DongHae take her to his place,he even introduce her with his housemate KyuHyun.

“Can we go to the zoo,sometimes?”HyukJae lick her ice cream,they both have an afternoon walk in the park near DongHae’s place.

“Zoo?I thought you didn’t like animals”

“Well,as long as they are in the cage I be fine.I wanna see a polar bear,they have polar bear in here right?”

DongHae shrug”Do I look like a zookeeper for you?”

HyukJae laugh”Hey,are you free this Friday?cause I need my fake boyfriend”

“I must work double shift this Friday at the club but I will make it if I’m running”

HyukJae smile”It’s okey if you can’t”

“I will be there,so where?”

HyukJae lick her ice cream before she talk”You know the new place at twenty one street”

DongHae kinda think”Ohh,that new kinda bar place,right? I know that place”

HyukJae nods while licking her ice cream”Well,my high school friends visiting me and I wanna take them there to introduce my boyfriend also”She didn’t know why but she is blushing at the word boyfriend.

“I be there”DongHae saya with a littke smile.


HyukJae keep glancing at her phone tracking the time cause DongHae still didn’t show up,she didn’t care about introducing DongHae to his friends she just want to spend time with DongHae.

“HyukJae,is your boyfriend coming?”One of her friend ask.

HyukJae look at her cell phone for a clock”Maybe or maybe not,he still working”She have a tight smile on her face.

“Girls,hot guy at twelve a clock”The other girl says.

When HyukJae look at the direction she just said,she blinks her eyes several times before smiling so wide she know this hot guy.

“His walking here”One of her friend says.

“Babe”That’s what DongHae says when he already standing next to HyukJae”Sorry I’m late”He give a peck on HyukJae’s forehead.

It’s still a breath taking everytime DongHae do something skinship to her”That’s…that’s okey”Still feeling a little bursy fro the kiss”Meet my friends”

Just like DongHae said to her on the other day his running from his work place to get there cause he still wearing his bartender uniform which is looking so good on him.

“How do guys meet?cause HyukJae never tell us about that”one of the girls ask while sipping her alcohol mix cola drink.

HyukJae never think about that she kinda panic”Well—“

“Library”DongHae cut her before she even have time to say anything”We met at the library she was looking for a forensic book and I was there”

“That’s sweet”All the girls saying in the chorus.

“What do like the most about HyukJae?”

Hearing this HyukJae’s heart beats faster she also wanna know what DongHae like about her the most.

DongHae chuckle”Well”He take HyukJae’s hand hold it,his thumb slowly rubbing HyukJae’s top hand”The way she smile”DongHae says while looking right at HyukJae’s eyes making HyukJae blushing.

“She hate it”His now facing the other girls”Cause she thought it was ugly because she have a gummy smile,but I like it”He staring at HyukJae again.

“The way she caring over a little things,the way she treat people,her face when she is thinking so hard,when she talking about this classic law book that no other people in this universe read but she still read it and talking about it with much of passion and interest,when she asking me how to spell linguistics or any other hard word,when she suddenly show up in front my house door with an ice cream asking me to walk in the park and the way she look at me.”DongHae says all of that while looking at HyukJae,holding her hand tightly.

There’s a moment of silent after DongHae says all of that but one of the girls suddenly says”I’m gonna cry,that’s the loveliest thing I have ever heard in my whole life”

“Yeah,Me too”HyukJae say inside her heart.


Like always DongHae take HyukJae home with HyukJae’s car but not like any other day when DongHae drive her home this time HyukJae suddenly felt nervous.

“Can we go to your place?”HyukJae suddenly asks.


“I just got a text from SungMin and she said her boyfriend just came and wanna spend a night”It was all lie cause SungMin didn’t send HyukJae a text,she just want to spend more time with DongHae.

“Sure,but Kyu not at home tonight working at the lab.So,I hope you don’t mind if it’s just us at home.”

“I don’t mind at all”That’s what HyukJae want alone just her and DongHae.


DongHae’s place was not like her’s,his place is a simple apartment kinda far from the city but nice neighborhood HyukJae love it in there.

“Come on in”DongHae open the door for HyukJae”Do you want to wash up?or something?”

“I didn’t bring any clothes”HyukJae sit on the sofa.

“You can wear mine”DongHae open his leather jacket put it in the coat hanger.

“Still no underwear”

“Kyu have a lots of girls underwear you can borrow it,he doesn’t mind”

She want to ask why KyuHyun have a lot of girls underwear but she decide to just slide it off.

HyukJae come out from the bathroom after taking a shower,the first thing she see after stepping out from the bathroom is DongHae’s topless back sitting at his bed back facing HyukJae.

“Where should I put the towel?”

DongHae look back”Just put it in the bathroom”

“What are you doing?”She crawl at the bed until her head reach the edge of the bed,she’s laying next to DongHae her head right next to DongHae’s thigh.

“Nothing”He close the thick book his reading just a second ago”Do you want to sleep?”

“Can we talk?”HyukJae asks while looking at the ceiling.

“Sure,what do you want to talk about?”

HyukJae pat the space right next to her signaling DongHae to lay down right next to her.

DongHae lay down”So?”He tilting his head so he can look at HyukJae’s face.

The girl also do the same thing so they are eye to eye”Thank you for the thing you said about me at the bar”HyukJae smile”That’s just so sweet,I wish it was true”

“It is true”

Silence fill the room for like a minutes or two HyukJae put her hand on DongHae’s cheek”You don’t find I’m stupid when I can’t spell some easy words?”

“No”DongHae lean more to HyukJae’s touch”Don’t you ask about your smile cause I like it,I do”

HyukJae shift a little bit until their forehead touch”Can I sleep in here?tonight?”

DongHae can feel HyukJae’s hot breath right on his lips”You stay a night at my place,wearing my shirt,is there any reason why I can’t let you sleep on my bed?”Slowly DongHae lean his face closer to HyukJae’s.

HyukJae link both of her hands on DongHae’s neck”No”Her lips brush right on DongHae’s.

A simple peck  start it all,tongue dancing on each other mouth tasting every corner searching something inside the wet cavern,DongHae link his hands on HyukJae’s waist his hands going up and down on HyukJae’s back searching for the hook of the bra and then going down to HyukJae’s waist.

DongHae roll their position making him on top,lips still locking even though their breath wanting the other thing.DongHae nibbling HyukJae’s lower lips,licking it with his tongue before finally apart.

HyukJae still taking a deep breath when DongHae kissing his forehead going down to her eyes and nose it’s a slow,linger and wet,sweet kiss he stop when he reach the lips with his thumb slowly he rub it and slowly kiss it,feeling the lips against his lips moving slowly,gently.

His hands slipping inside the big shirt that HyukJae wear feeling the girl curve,hands rubbing the smooth skin of HyukJae’s thigh fingers playing with the string of HyukJae’s underwear.

“Mmmmhh”HyukJae moan when she feel DongHae rubbing her’s through her panty,one finger slowly slipping inside the panty,teasing the clit”Oohhh….ahn…ah..nnhhh”HyukJae keep making a small moans,hands gripping DongHae’s nape hairs”DongHae”she whisper right in DongHae’s ear”take it off.Now!”

DongHae slowly pulling away from HyukJae staring HyukJae right in the eyes,slowly taking the big shirt off from HyukJae’s.The girl arching her body a little bit so the shirt off from her body,when the shirt already lyinh on the floor,DongHae slowly lean to HyukJae kissing the skin between her breast hands pushing the bra string on the shoulder to make the bra slide off completely from HyukJae.

DongHae cupped both of HyukJae’s breast he gently kissing both of them”ahhnnn”HyukJae moan.

Giving a wet,gently lick on both nipples before he put inside his mouth gently suck it and rubbing it with his tongue inside his mouth.

“Ahh….Ahhnn…nnhhh….agghh”HyukJae link both of her legs on DongHae’s waist rubbing her wet panty to DongHae’s bulge.

DongHae’s tongue keep playing with HyukJae’s nipples with his tounge he circle it the nipple making his tongue point to keep teasing HyukJae’s nipple,teeth nibbling gently  on it,hand playing with the other nipple fingers twisting the nipple while rubbing it making it hard.

“Haeee….oohh…your tongue..hhmmm…..nnhhhh”

When DongHae pulling away from the hard and wet nipple he give one last lick on it before pulling away making a wet sound because of it,he give a good squeeze on both HyukJae’s breast .

Kissing HyukJae’s stomach all the way down until his lips reach the string of HyukJae’s panty with his teeth he slowly and teasingly slide the panty off with his teeth  make sure to scraping his teeth in HyukJae’s smooth thigh,DongHae keep pulling it off until it reach HyukJae’s ankle and then fall to the floor.

HyukJae giggle”I love the way you take it off”

“Hmm”DongHae simply just hum,his head already burry between HyukJae’s legs kissing all the from HyukJae’s calf into HyukJae’s inner thigh,tounge lapping,teeth nibbling right on HyukJae’s thigh making some private mark on it.

“Hmmm…that feel nice”HyukJae says,squirming a little feeling the wet and nice sensation on her body ,her hands running and kinda tugging DongHae’s hairs .

“Mmmhhh”HyukJae moan when she feel DongHae nibble on her groin,lapping the skin making her sex become more and more wet.

“I love your tongue “HyukJae says,eyes close there’s a smile on her face feeling every sensation that DongHae give to her.

DongHae lift his face up,licking his thumb”You will love my tongue if it’s here”DongHae press his thumb right on HyukJae’s clit making a circular motion with his thumb pressing right on HyukJae’s clit.

“God…ahhhh….ohh…ahnn..DongHaeee…ahhhhnnn”HyukJae hand grip the bed sheet tightly,her back arching high from the bed.

DongHae rub the clit up and down sometimes he will circle it “Is it good?”

HyukJae bite her lower lips,still gripping the bedsheet,her chest going up and down from her heavy breathing”Yeahh…ahhhnnn…nnghh….Fuck..nnghhh”

DongHae rubbing his thumb fastly against the clit making a great friction”You should love my thumb too,by now”

“Damn it..ahhnn…DongHae oohh….Fuck me…ohh…stop ahhnn…with your thumb..ahhhnn…fuck me!”

DongHae chuckle”Let’s give the tongue try,shall we?”

“No..ahhnn”DongHae already burry his head teeth bitting the tip of HyukJae’s clit twisting it with his teeth”God..ahhhnnn…ah…ahnn….nnnhh”

DongHae suck on the sex lips making HyukJae dripping even more,he nibbling on it kinda yanking it his nose slightly rubbing on the wet clit.

“Stop..DongHae ohhh…Stop…ahhnnn…I’m ahhhnn gonna come hah…hah”

DongHe yanking the clit for one last time before pulling away from it,wipping his lips with the back of his hand,he crawling up giving a view kisses to HyukJae’s lips”I’m gonna give you a strip show”He smirking like a little bad boy,standing in front of HyukJae,He slide of both of his pajama pants and boxer then crawling on the bed again.

“That’s it?I thought you said a strip show?you should dance a little for me”HyukJae says with an amuse smile on her face.

“Do you want my cock inside you now or I dance for you?”He crawl naked on the bed,making HyukJae sit on his lap.

“Do you need to ask about that?”She stroke DongHae’s dick slowly”Should I put it in?”She rub DongHae’s cock to her clit”Hmmm…it’s good”Slowly DongHae push his cock inside HyukJae’s wet sex.

“Ahh…ah…ahn…mmhh…ohh DongHae…mmhhh”HyukJae keep moaning while bouncing up and down on DongHae’s lap.

DongHae give a hard thrust following HyukJae’s fast pace,rolling his hips so it thrust right on HyukJae’s spot,his mouth playing with HyukJae’s nipples nibble and yanking it,his fingers playing with HyukJae’s clit rolling it between his finger,rubbing with his thumb.

“Ohh Fuck…DongHae…ahnnn….harder…mmmhh…soo good….ahnnn”Her grip on DongHae’s shoulder thighting.

“Fuck….DongHae….ahhnnn”She lean her forehead to DongHae’s,they are sharing eye to eye”I’m ahhhnn….”HyukJae ran her fingers to DongHae’s hairs”Gonna come…oh..ohhh…nnhh”

DongHae peck HyukJae’s lips”I wanna see,let me see”

“Ohhh….DongHae…..mmmhh…ah..ahh…ahhnnnnn..nnhhh”HyukJae come,she bite DongHae’s shoulder,bouncing frantically.Her inside muscle massaging DongHae’s cock so tight.

“Damn it!HyukJae fuck!”DongHae know his close,HyukJae suddenly cupp DongHae’s face kissing him passionately while DongHae keep thrusting when he can hold it again he pull his cock from HyukJae’s sex,rubbing it hard and fat on HyukJae’s clit a couple of times before finally he cumming.


HyukJae wake up so early the next day didn’t want to wake DongHae up,she wash up as fast as she can,make a simple breakfast for DongHae.Standing at the kitchen staring at the breakfast she just make,her mind is wonder away.

She know she have something for DongHae but she know she shouldn’t feel like this cause DongHae didn’t even considerate HyukJae as a fling,SungMin right it’s easy to falling for DongHae,HyukJae thinking to tell DongHae before she go but it’s just make her more sad knowing what will happen next.

Boys only want money and sex,and DongHae already got them all for HyukJae even though DongHae not that kind of guy but still his a boy.

SungMin told her the reason why DongHae didn’t do his “fake” boyfriend bussines is because many girls falling for him at the end and it’s just annoy him and HyukJae didn’t want to be one of those annoying girl that DongHae will remember her as.Thinking about this make her tears fallind from her eyes”Oh God,I shouldn’t be crying at this moment!”

“Morning”A voice suddenly says from behind her making her frozen in her place,HyukJae fastly wipe her tears.

“Mo..morning”She turn around to face DongHae.The brunette guy already sitting on the small dinning table in the kitchen,only wear a boxer”I hope you didn’t mind I used your kitchen”

DongHae sipping the orange juice on the table”I don’t mind at all”he smile.

HyukJae force a smile”Oh,before I forget”She take an envelope”this is your money”HyukJae put it on the table”I give you a bonus,so thank you for everything”She want to cry but she hold the tears.

DongHae take the envelope”You leaving?”

HyukJae nods.

DongHae stand up from his chair,he sigh”Take this”He give the money to HyukJae”I don’t the money”

HyukJae just standing there didn’t know what to do but after a minute she take her money back”Not enough?”

DongHae run his fingers through his hairs”No,it’s not that.I want a real date,a kind of date that you didn’t need to pay me.It’s all that I asking for you,not your money”

“A real date?”She ask still need some time to digest that word.

“For someone who have 4.0 GPA you kind slow”DongHae says chuckling.

“You asking me for a date?”

DongHae nod”Yeah,I like you”

There’s a slight of pink blush on HyukJae’s cheeks”I thought you didn’t likeit when your “fake” girlfriend falling for you”

“Well you an exception”DongHe link both of his hands on HyukJae’s hips pulling her closer to his embrace.

“That’s a good decision making me as an exception,cause you are very…very…very…lucky to have me”

“Yeah,why?”DongHae grin.

“Cause,first I will ear a victoria secret lingerie every night just for you,second I will wake up four in the morning so I can make you a jamie oliver sandwich for breakfast and didn’t complain about it,third I only have one hobby”

“What is that?”

HyukJae lean closer to DongHae’s ear”Blow job and you about to get it now”


Ps:Hope you girls enjoy this,and don’t for get to show some love okeeyy


Match Made in Heaven 1/1

“My little brother”That’s what his hyung said when he entered is officed room”Cancel my next meeting I wanna have some talk with my little brother”HeeChul told his secretary who nodded at him and smiled politely to HyukJae before she left the two of them.

HyukJae sighed while taking off his scraf”You don’t work right,didn’t you?”

“What?listen to me young man”He pointing his finger to HyukJae”I work so hard”

HyukJae rolled his eyes”Yeah…yeah you are working so hard all you do was just cancelling the meeting and be a CEO on paper.If daddy knew this,I wonder what will he do to you”HyukJae smiled teasingly and evilly.

HeeChul narrowed his eyes”Yah!you little brat!”

This was HeeChul second year as a new CEO of his father company a couple of years ago after he finished his master degree his father deciding to step down from his current position and gave it to his oldest son to manage his kingdom,he was now fully an owner.HyukJae being a second child and everybody’s little boy he can do whatever he wanted to do,when he said he didn’t wanted to worked under his father company his parents followed what he wanted.

Even sometimes HeeChul teasing him and calling him a brat he loved his little brother so much.

“So?What do you want to talk about?”HyukJae made himself comfortable on the leather chair.

“You know that you have this…”HeeChul silent for a moment”dating problem or relationship problem”


HeeChul raised his finger to made HyukJae stopped talking”Don’t deny it!I know,you and I know all about your didn’t work love story.Mom and dad had been complaining to me about you”

“Me?”HyukJae was startled he never heard about this before,he was a good kid afterall why suddenly his parents complaining to his hyung.

“Yeah,about you never had a serious relationship,never bring a date to a family dinner and many other relationship thing about you,why being single for so long”HeeChul check his nails in a smug style.

HyukJae’s mouth was hug open,he can’t said even a single word.

“So,me being a good son and hyung and having a genius brain”HeeChul pointing his head”I already came up with some genius idea”He turn around the computer screen on his table facing HyukJae”Taaddaaaa”

“”HyukJae read the site name on the computer screen”What is this?”

“This is the solution of your problem”Heechul got up from his chair and stood right behind HyukJae”This is online dating site”HeeChul started to typing something on the keyboard”See this,I already make your profile”

“Hyung!”HyukJae whining,his eyes scanned through the profile his hyung made for him”I don’t drink tap water,why you wrote I’m drinking a tap water”

“Cause people don’t wanna hear you rambling about tap water on a date.We need to cover up your OCD problem”HeeChul patted HyukJae’s shoulder and went to his chair,sat on it.

“What’s wrong with my OCD?”HyukJae said eyes still on the computer screen.

“It’s weird HyukJae.It’s like only one in the million person who get this disease.People this day like to get dirty”

“Well I don’t!And this”He pointing at the monitor”Dogs?I don’t like dogs,I don’t like any kind of pet”

“People this day love pet,especially dogs”

“I don’t like outdoor activity”

“People this day love outdoor activity”

“I hate my generation so much!why I can’t be born in the 1960!”

HeeChul turned the monitor into him didn’t even gave a respond to his little brother he just calmy typing something.

“All you write was a lie,do you know that!”

HeeChul only grinned.

“Why you always do something without even thinking first—Hyung!Do you even listening to me?”

HeeChul typing something for a while and he looked up to saw HyukJae still with the same grinned on his face”I will pick you up at your place this Friday,7pm.You know where the exit door is”He said and back to typing again.

HyukJae groaned and left his brother’s office.


“What are we doing in here?”HyukJae was so annoyed.His hyung was really a pain in the ass,he came early to his placed and suddenly started bossing around telling him what to wear and many other things.

They drove to the city and HeeChul suddenly stopped right across the cheesecake factory.He spying something,he even bought a binocle.


HeeChul groaned”Stop whining,I’m spying in here”

“Spying what?”

“Your date”

“What?”HyukJae shouted”But you didn’t tell me anything about a date for today”

HeeChul sighed,he turned around to his little brother”Read this”He gave a file”That’s your date”

HyukJae was puzzled but he opened the file there’s a picture,his date pictured”Wow,his good looking” He kept looking at the picture,suddenly he said”He is too good for a stupid online dating site”

“That’s why we are here to find out if that picture is a real him or not”HeeChul still with his binocle on his eyes.

HyukJae flipped the paper read about his profile”Lee DongHae,Three years older than me,have a really bright future and also handsome”That’s what HyukJae conclusion after reading the profile and looking at the picture once again.

“That’s him”HeeChul suddenly said.

“Where?where?let me see,I wanna see”HyukJae suddenly became so eager and enthusiastic about his date.

“There”HeeChul pointing through his car’s window still wearing his binocle.

HyukJae can see a black expensive car pulling over in front of the cheesecake factory and then someone stepping out from it he can’t see the face clearly”Is it him?is it him?”

“That’s him”HeeChul said.

“Him!as if him in the photo?”

“Yes”HeeChul took off his binoclye from his eyes”Are you ready?”He put both of his hands on HyukJae’s shoulder.

“I have one question”

“Spit it out”HeeChul tidy up some of HyukJae’s blonde locks.

“What if he also lie on his profile,like me?”

HeeChul rolled his eyes”His not”

HyukJae frown”How do you know?”

“I just know.Now go don’t make him waiting for too long”HeeChul reached for the car door handle on HyukJae’s side.

“What if he know I’m lying?”

HeeChul gently pushed HyukJae out from the car”We will think about that later.Now go!”


HyukJae taking his time when he was crossing the street thinking what should he said to this man,suddenly he remember what his hyung had said he need to cover up his OCD.

“I need to get dirty tonight”He thought.

A warm air welcoming him when he entered the cheesecake factory,he smiled to the waitress telling her that he had a company waiting for him so he don’t need a table.HyukJae eyes immediately catching his date figure,he took a step to him”DongHae-ssi?”

The person he called the name looking at him with a sweet smiled and in front of him was the good looking guy on the picture he just saw”Yes?”

HyukJae gave him,his best smiled”Nice to meet you I’m HyukJae”

“Ahh,nice to meet you”He stood up,offered his hand for a shake and HyukJae took it”Please have a seat”

“I’m sorry I was late”Suddenly HyukJae was feeling all shied in front of this guy.

“It’s okey I just come too”

They have a talked,a nice talked and HyukJae trying so hard not to wipe all the dinner set in front of DongHae,he didn’t wear his hand sanitizer every minute in front of DongHae even though it’s bugging him on the brain,he usually didn’t care but DongHae was different.

Based on DongHae’s story HyukJae can figure it out why they are having a date.DongHae look at his profile and then asked him to date by a chat and HeeChul who that time pretend to be HyukJae saying yes,well for once his brother do something right.


“Just DongHae,it’s okey”

“Oh,okey.DongHae,why are you joining that stupid online date site?”HyukJae put a piece of strawberry cheese cake inside his mouth.

“Well”DongHae smiled that charming smile again”My friend found his wife from that stupid online dating site so I think why not”DongHae kinda shrugged,he sipped his hot chocolate.

“Oohhh wow”

“Yeah wow”That charming smiled again.


So after a months going out together everything works perfectly fine except HyukJae was not his real self.He didn’t even know why he kept hiding his real self maybe the fact that DongHae was such a keeper but usually he didn’t care about that,he often said to himself if the other person love him,he must excepted him just the way he was but now he broke his own rule.

HyukJae loves sweet but DongHae didn’t,he loves pasta but DongHae only like Korean food,DongHae liked extreme sport HyukJae didn’t even knew how to kicked a ball and there are many things that HyukJae cover up from DongHae just so he can be with him.He hate himself when he doing that but he didn’t had any other choice,at the times liked this he will blame his brother.

“Are you okey?”DongHae asked when he stopped his car in front of HyukJae’s apartment building”You look pale”DongHae asked while caressing HyukJae’s cheeks.

“Yeah…yeah I’m fine”HyukJae tried to forced a smiled.Every weekend DongHae and his friends had this crazy activity which mean a sport—extreme sport,they did bugee jumping that day and HyukJae can help but to felt really dizzy and wanting to puked all the way at home.

“Are you sure?”DongHae was kinda of worried.

HyukJae nodded.

“You are having fun right?”

Another nod from HyukJae a fake nodded,if having fun was jumping off from the cliff he was rather to be died and went to hell,last weekend was the worst they did a hiking in the mountain it was like a nightmare for HyukJae at first they ride a  bicycle.HyukJae didn’t even knew the proper way to ride a bike and they expect him to riding it up to the mountain?

That was a sick joked but in the end he did it after that they are running or hiking or whatever they called it to the top of the mountain so they left their bike in the middle of nowhere or was it just HyukJae who didn’t even thought about where they are.HyukJae can’t ran when he walked he will tripped on his own foot but in the end he did it.

They got to top of the mountain just as sunset,so,all of this torture just to get a view of this!A sunset?oh please HyukJae had an expensive condo you all can came and had a glass of coffee while watching a sunset from his big glass windows.No need to tortured yourself liked this,his body was full with dust,cut and bruised(HyukJae was so pale he bruised so easily).

Some of DongHae’s friend—not some but all of DongHae’s friends are a dogs lover including DongHae and that just fuel to the fire of HyukJae’s misery,people will played with their dogs or patting their dogs and they will touched HyukJae’s skin or his hairs.In his mind he can so imagine just how much the germs are already on him,ready to kill him,he was thinking to take a dip in his bathtub full of sanitizer when he got home and burn all of his hiking clothes and shoes he wore today so the germs didn’t spread inside his house.

But when DongHae came to him with a charming smile with the effect of the damn sunset,he was saying”Hey pretty”Then kissed him on the lips all of his thought about germs was flying away that time.

“Do you want to puke?cause you look like you want it so bad?”DongHae asked while running his hand into HyukJae’s blonde hairs.

HyukJae shook his head even though he really wanted to puked.

“Good cause puke it’s not sexy”He kissed HyukJae’s cheeks.And all HyukJae felt was he wanted to puked so bad.

“Hae,are you free this Sunday?”HyukJae tried to spoke slowly so he can held his queasy.

“I’m free for you”

“Would you come to my family dinner this Sunday?”He suddenly felt a urge to puked so bad,didn’t knew if that’s because he really sick because the bugee jumping or the fact he just asked DongHae to met his family.

“Yeah,I would love to meet your family”

Something made him relief when he heard that”Okey,see you this Sunday”HyukJae gave a pecked on DongHae’s lips suddenly feeling a rush to get out from the car.

“Wait…wait”DongHae held HyukJae wrist to stopping him got off from his car”That’s it?No—would you like to come to my place,have a glass of ice tea?”

“Next time”HyukJae used his pleading eyes.There’s a reason why he didn’t wanted DongHae to came to his place,because,it’s not like any other normal place to live,it was like a hospital(That’s what his hyung said to him).Everything was so neat and smell like a hospital and HyukJae didn’t like when someone touched his stuffed and not put it in the right place but the real reason is he was afraid if DongHae would found out the real him and left him like the others.

DongHae groaned”Babe,come on just once.You always said next time”

“It’s just not fair I never see your’s or came to your’s place and you can came to my place just like that.I wanna see your place too”HyukJae pouted.Several times DongHae asked him to came to his place but HyukJae always made a lot of excuse.The truth was he knew DongHae had a dog and he didn’t like dog so he didn’t wanted to came to DongHae’s place.

“Then,I will take you to my place now”DongHae was so eager.

“No!…next time.I’m really tired today.I promise next time”

DongHae sighed”Okey,get some rest”DongHae gave a long sweet kissed on HyukJae’s lips”See you  Sunday”He said when HyukJae got off from his car.

HyukJae smiled and waved him goodbye when DongHae’s car already out of his sight,he was puking right on the sidewalk.


“So?”His mother shifted her chair closed to HyukJae’s.

The dinner was a huge blessing cause both of HyukJae’s parents like DongHae especially his father,they had dinner in this japanase expensive restaurant his father was such a show off much like his hyung.Both DongHae and his father had many things to talked about,they never ran of a topic while sipping their sake.

“He still didn’t know?”His mother talked to him in the whisper manner,she knew about HyukJae”cover up”some things from DongHae,having a son like HeeChul who will spill everything out.

“No”HyukJae shifted his chair closer to his mother.

“You better telling him before he knew it by himself”


“No,he can’t”HeeChul who sat next to HyukJae suddenly came into the conversation he also shifted his chair closer to HyukJae’s.

“He must!”Their mother still with a whispering mode but using a force on her tone now”The sooner the better”

“Than the sooner DongHae gonna leave him”Even though HeeChul talked lowly there’s a hint of smugness on his tone.

“Mom?”HyukJae glanced to his mother.

“His not gonna leaving you.I can see that he love you,he will stay with you even when he know the real you,believe me”

“Ooohh,talking about love,but,the real problem is……is his love bigger enough to HyukJae’s madness?he falling in love with this HyukJae”HeeChul pointing HyukJae’s”Not that ‘madness’”He made a quote gesture”HyukJae who can’t even walking straight.Think of this as a therapy,okey?”

Both HyukJae and their mother nodded their heads even though the lady had an objection all over her face.

“When we know HyukJae had an OCD,we tried everything to cure him and now”HeeChul glanced to DongHae’s direction who still talking with their father”we got the answer”

“I don’t think this is right”Their mother said.

HeeChul narrowed his eyes to his mother”Mom,believe me”

The lady just sighed,when HeeChul excused himself to the bathroom.She suddenly held HyukJae’s hand”Baby—“

Before his mother finish her sentence HyukJae already said something”I’m weird”

“No you are not”His mother said”Listen to me,you are not!look at my face”He cupped HyukJae’s face”Am I saying you are weird,can you see it in my face?you are perfect and he will love you for whatever you are.”

“It gets fifteen years for people to know me,who else want to do that for me?”It was a joke that HeeChul often used to teased HyukJae cause when he was fifteen years old doctor said he was having an OCD.

His mother smiled,held HyukJae’s hand more tightly”I would,your father would and your brother would”His mother saying the last sentence with a rolled of his eyes”and he would”both HyukJae and his mother looked at DongHae’s direction”I know he would”She said.


“That was fun”DongHae said on their way home”We should do that often,I like your father”

HyukJae only smiled somehow feeling guilty.

“He asking me to go hunting with him,I never do that before.I should try it right,babe?”





“Yeah?”HyukJae suddenly snapped at whatever he was thinking.

“Should I try it?”DongHae asked again glancing to HyukJae while still driving his car.

“Sure,you should try it”He didn’t have any idea what the question DongHae asked.

“Something on your mind?”DongHae stop for a red light,he facing HyukJae.

HyukJae shake his head and mumbling a low”no”

DongHae sighed,thinking HyukJae was just having a “PMS” “Okey”DongHae gave a pecked on HyukJae’s lips before driving again.

The rest of the going was quiet,until both of them reached HyukJae’s building.

“I need to talk to you”HyukJae suddenly said facing DongHae,he was nervous”I can’t do this anymore”

“Do what?”DongHae was just too clueless with everything,with the way HyukJae suddenly acted towards him,they just having a good time a second ago and now he acted like this.

“Us,I can’t do it anymore DongHae.I just can’t”

“Us?you want to break up with me?was is something I do?something I said made you hurt?Baby,I’m sorry”

“No”HyukJae shouted”It’s not you it’s me”He finally facing DongHae with a teary eyes and shaking voiced”It was all lied”HyukJae took a deep breath tried to calm himself down but he just can’t”From—“His voiced was shaking”from the first time we met I’m already lying to you.I don’t like animals,I don’t like sun,I don’t like outdoor activity!I was faking all that cause I like you so much,I love you!”HyukJae finally said it.

“I can’t ride a bike cycle,I can’t even walking straight and yes,I do puking after we do all that stuff.”HyukJae tried so hard to held his tears when he was talking and the way DongHae looked at him with his cold expression didn’t made him felt better.

“I have an OCD.”HyukJae silent for a moment,took a breath”It means I’m a freak person and—“He took a glanced to DongHae’s face before tearing his gazed to his own lap”believe me,you don’t wanna be with me.”It was his last sentenced before HyukJae went out from DongHae’s car,walking slowly to the main door of his building wishing DongHae to called his name or running after him but none of that was happening.

When HyukJae looking back,hoping DongHae was standing behind him it was nothing—no DongHae standing behind him,his car was gone too,realized that he was just lost someone he loved HyukJae broke down crying on the sidewalk of his building.


There are many times HyukJae wanted to called or just texting DongHae to made everything between them right again but deep down he knew DongHae already had enough of him and all his bullshit.

HeeChul said sorry too many times to HyukJae and all he said was just”It’s okay hyung,better this way”.Even though he was killing himself inside,he wanting to be with DongHae but he can’t.

A month after he separated with DongHae,HyukJae decide to just move on.He even following a therapy class for an OCD people and he was sat through the class it didn’t made him an un-OCD person but atleast now he can patted his neighbor dog even though after that he  still immediately using a purel.He learn to ride a bike cycled with his hyung and little by little spend some of his time outside with his hyung.

“Slowly but sure”HeeChul said to him and HyukJae liked that,it made him somehow proud to himself.

After already two months separated from DongHae,HyukJae already steady on his own.He was just coming home from his worked and buying some stuff for his kitchen,going inside his building,took the elevator,press his floor number on the button,check his cell phone and wait to the elevator to stopped on his floor.

When he stepping out from the elevator he saw a guy sitting right in front of his door,HyukJae can’t saw his face cause the guy was lowering his head down playing his cell phone.

“Can I help you?”HyukJae said when he was already standing right in front of the guy.

“Oh,I’m just waiting for someone”the guy suddenly standing up,giving HyukJae a small smiled.

“DongHae?”HyukJae was startled,he was just standing there didn’t knew what should he do.

“Hai”DongHae said with a dazzling smiled.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Yeah,that”DongHae scrathed the back of his neck”I’m”He was looking at the floor and suddenly picking up something from it”This is bada”He showed a little furry dog to HyukJae.

The ball of white,cute,little furry barked cutely to HyukJae”It means,hai HyukJae-oppa”DongHae said while bouncing the little dog.

“Hai,bada”HyukJae said still feeling awkward with the situation”So?what are you doing?”

“Yeah,that.I’m just taking bada for a walk that’s all”DongHae gave a tight smiled,putting a little dog on the floor again.

“Oohh,I thought you said you are waiting for someone.”

“Yes,my friend live in this building and I waiting for him”It was a lame excuse DongHae just made.

HyukJae only smiled a little he step aside and open his door”You should wait in the lobby not on other people’s door”just when he wanted to closed the door,DongHae restrain it.

“I….I want to see you”

For a moment HyukJae didn’t knew what to do so he was just standing there and do nothing.

“Can I come in?”DongHae asked.

Thinking for a moment finally HyukJae nodded and open the door for DongHae and bada”You can sit if you want”HyukJae offered.

“Can bada sit too?”

The cute question made HyukJae chuckled”Yes he can”

“On the couch?”

At this HyukJae thought,he look at the little furry ball and sighed”Yes,on the couch”

DongHae grinned happily both sat on the couch while HyukJae went to the kitchen made something to drink but mostly to clam himself down he wanted to called his hyung but no—he can handle this.

“Here you go”HyukJae put a glass of ice tea in the table in front of DongHae,he sat next to DongHae but gave himself a space so he didn’t much too closed with the dog.

But the little cute furry ball was so curious with HyukJae so she slowly crawling and finally sat on HyukJae’s lap”Dong…DongHae,your dog”HyukJae was too afraid to even move a single muscle just becauce a little dog.

“It’s okay”DongHae move closer to him,really closed”It’s okay”He took HyukJae’s hand and place it on Bada’s top head’Try to patt her”

HyukJae shoke his head.

DongHae smiled”She was just having a grooming,she is clean,no germs,no microbe,no bacteria.”

Slowly HyukJae patt her,he stroked her head and neck but when the little dog licked his hand he was freak out,he almost threw the little dog from his lap but DongHae quickly calm him.

“Purel!I need my purel”He said panic while throwing his hands up in the air.

“HyukJae”DongHae held both of his hands and slowly lowering down”It’s not gonna kill you,don’t be panic.Not gonna kill you,I promise”

HyukJae was still panic,he still breathing fast”Look at me”DongHae slowly lean his forehead to HyukJae’s until their forehead touching each other”It’s okay,I promise”DongHae slowly leaned his face to HyukJae’s and kissed him on the lips.A slow but linger kissed made HyukJae forget about all the germs and purel.

“I’m sorry”DongHae said after the kissed”For leaving you like that.I don’t know what I was thinking that time.I tried to make everything right between us again but I was just too afraid if you didn’t want it,after all I do to you that night.I want you HyukJae and I love you”

HyukJae was stunned with both of his hand held tight by DongHae and a stupid expression on his face”There’s a little dog in my lap”But nothings bother him more than a little dog.

DongHae chuckled”I think Bada likes you a little too much”

HyukJae eyes widening”Seriously”He emphasized his tone this time.

“I’m not gonna take her away from you until you talk about us.”

“I don’t like this!”HyukJae was paniced all he wanted was just took a long dipped inside a tub full of purel.

“Not gonna kill you,I promise”

“You gonna regret it if I’m die for real!”

DongHae pecked HyukJae’s lips”I love you”He didn’t wanted to talked much about his feeling anymore.

HyukJae closed his eyes and open it staring right into DongHae’s”I’m an OCD person,you don’t want to be with me.”

“Yes,I want and I don’t care if you have an OCD or—“He thought for a while”ABC,I love you”

HyukJae smiled”You don’t any idea what is OCD,right?”

“Oh”Kissed HyukJae’s lips”yes”a nother kissed”I have”kissed”a lot of idea about OCD”He gave a last long kissed and smiled to HyukJae”You don’t like playing dirty but”He took his dog from HyukJae’s lap put her on the floor”I’m gonna make you dirty tonight”He lift HyukJae up carried him bridal style”And you will begging for more and more dirty for me”


“Ahh..hah…nngghh”HyukJae moaned one hand gripping DongHae’s hairs a nother was running through DongHae’s brunette hairs”Hah….nnno…DongHae”

DongHae kept bobbing his head up and down going fast and then slow made HyukJae kept moaning,his tongue was working like wonder.Licking from the base to the tip,made the tip of his tongue pointing made him kept poking and digging into HyukJae’s cock slit.

“Ahh..DongHae…mmmhh….ahh”HyukJae kept moaning,his grip on DongHae’s hairs became more and more tight,DongHae didn’t gave him a time to think.

All HyukJae knew was DongHae threw him on his bed and suddenly giving him a strip show and with his naked glory and tight muscle he crawling to bed giving HyukJae a little kissed on here and there,hands wondering in the place that he shouldn’t be but HyukJae let it be cause it feel so  good.

A wet mouth on his neck,a magic tongue  swirl right on his nips giving a big red mark all over his chest,a hand slipped to his boxer started to rubbing his little friend down there and suddenly a wet and warm mouth already chewing his cock down there.

“Hah…Haeee….oh God…stop…stop”HyukJae trying so hard to push DongHae to stop sucking him but DongHae ignore him,all DongHae do was throwing both of HyukJae’s legs over his shoulder,giving HyukJae a sly stared and started to sucking even more fasted.

“Ahhhnn…hnn…ahh.DongHae…nnnaahh”HyukJae toes started to curled,one of his hand gripped the sheet tightly,the other gripped DongHae’s hairs,eyes closing tightly.

“Aaahhhhhh”He almost scream,eyes wide open when he felt a finger already inside his hole”hhaaa…DongHae you..annggh…ohh….crazy…ahhnn”A nother finger added to his hole and started to moving.

DongHae only moan made his throat muscle tighteting even more around HyukJae’s cock.

“Ohh…DongHae…ahh…hhhhnnnn”HyukJae moan while spurting his cum right inside DongHae’s mouth”Hah…ahhhn”He still panting and high from his come.

DongHae kept sucking taking all HyukJae’s cum inside his mouth.

“You are crazy”HyukJae said while still panting.

DongHae only gave him a smug little smile,he lean his face close to HyukJae.

“What is that?”HyukJae reached to DongHae’s chin there’s some liquid dripping from DongHae’s lips”oh NO!”HyukJae’s eyes widening when he realized what is that thing.

DongHae wanted to laughed out loud but he need to kept his mouth shut,he cupped HyukJae’s face using only one hand to made HyukJae face still.He put his lips right on HyukJae’s but the other man kept his lips shut tight,DongHae didn’t like that so he pull his fingers slowly from HyukJae’s hole and push it hard and fast it hit right on HyukJae’s prostate.

“Ahhnnn”HyukJae moaned his mouth open wide that’s when DongHae press his lips again let out the liquid inside his mouth into HyukJae’s.

“Mmmmhhh”HyukJae tried to pushed DongHae away but DongHae was more string than him and with his fingers inside HyukJae’s hole pulling and pushing,doing a curling right on his prostate there’s nothing HyukJae can’t do.

DongHae wipe his mouth with the back of his hand”Yum”he said with a childish grinned still cupping HyukJae’s face”taste it”.

HyukJae shoke his head wanting to spit it out the liquid.

“Ah!”DongHae leaned his forehead to HyukJae’s”You dare to spit it out I will make you chewing my dick for real and drink all my cum”He gave HyukJae a stern looked

HyukJae gave DongHae a disgusting look,he knew DongHae enjoying this a little too much.

DongHae licked HyukJae’s chin up to his lips his tongue kept licking HyukJae’s lips and his fingers kept hitting his prostate,made HyukJae’s cock hard again.He can felt the cum slowly coming down to his throat HyukJae tried to so hard to made the cum didn’t came down his throat but DongHae just made it worst,he rubbed his hard cock into HyukJae’s cock with his fingers still rubbing inside his hole.

“It’s good,isn’t it babe?”DongHae said while still rubbing his cock into HyukJae and fingers still curling inside his hole trying to found the spot.

“Come on let me hear your voice”DongHae push his fingers as fast and deep inside HyukJae’s it hit HyukJae’s prostate.

Suddenly HyukJae’s eyes wide open feeling a great pleasure both from his cock and hole.

“I know you want to moan out loud”DongHae rubbing his cock tip into HyukJae’s let their precum mingle together.

HyukJae just can hold it anymore the liquid was already down his throat and he wanted to scream because of the pleasure and also wanted to cursed at DongHae so he swallowed it.

“Ahhhh”He moaned the minute he already swallowed all the cum”You”He hit DongHae’s chest”I  ahh…hate you oohh”He kept hitting DongHae’s chest but his hips still moving following DongHae’s fingers pace.

“God….ahh…So good..ah…ahh..DongHaeee…ahhhnn”

“Let me take this out”He pull his fingers out”say you want get dirty with me”DongHae licked his fingers right in front of HyukJae’s face.

“What?”HyukJae was blushing never knew DongHae had this kind of side inside him”No!first you make me swallow that crazy liquid full of germs,I can die in the seconds and—“HyukJae can’t finished his ramble cause DongHae tongue already inside his mouth,slowly nibble his lower lips.

“I’m not going to let those bad germs killing you”He mouthed it only an inch in front of HyukJae’s lips.

The thins lips looking so tempting moving slowly and the thing that DongHae just said strangely turn him on so HyukJae grabbed the back of DongHae’s head”Oh,yes.I wanna get dirty with you.Fuck me”HyukJae gave a long kissed to DongHae.

“Let me check something first”’DongHae slowly went down leaving a small kissed all over HyukJae went he was going down,parting HyukJae’s ass cheeks,he lick it.

“Dit you just…ahhhh”HyukJae moaned when he felt a tongue slipped right into his hole”Ohh fuck…ah…ahhnn…nnnhh….damn….oh…ohh..that fucking tongue oohhhh”

“Okey,it’s wet”DongHae had a huge satisfied smiled on his face,he start rubbing his cock to HyukJae’s hole slowly pushing it didn’t wanted to hurt HyukJae.

“Ohh…oohh…God!DongHae…ahhnn…ahhnn…harder…ohh I wanted harder”HyukJae moaned while DongHae kept thrusting deep and fast inside him,hitting his prostate again and again.

HyukJae ran his fingers through DongHae’s hairs tangle it between his fingers”Ohh…ahhnn…DongHae…ahhnnn…ahhh”

DongHae rubbed HyukJae’s balls a couple of time before he took HyukJae’s cock stroking it,his thumb rubbing HyukJae’s slit.

“Oohh…ahhnn..fuck…fuck….DongHae..ahhnnnnn”HyukJae spurted his cum feeling so high and still full of dirty pleasure.

DongHae kept thrusting feeling the already tight muscle became more tight around his cock gripping his cock,he leaned his face closed too HyukJae’s wet nipples while still thrusting hard,when he spilled his cum inside HyukJae he bite and yank HyukJae’s nipples leaving a huge mark around it.


When DongHae open his eyes he saw HyukJae next to him staring at him”Hey”Kissed HyukJae’s forehead”Morning”He said while glancing to the clock on the bedside table”It’s 2am,why are you didn’t sleep,huh?”

“DongHae”HyukJae shift a little so he can look DongHae properly”You”He put his hand over DongHae’s cheeks and DongHae lean it more”I don’t deserve you.”HyukJae push over DongHae’s bangs out off his eyes”You need to be someone who can go outside and do the things you like to do and it’s definitely not me.”

DongHae smiled”I already said I love you and I don’t wanna be with other people I want you.”DongHae took HyukJae’s hand and kissed every knuckles”You do everything I like back than even when you know you didn’t like it but you kept doing it for me.If you can do that I can do that to you too,we can work this thing together.”

“You don’t mind if you can do your crazy sport just to be with me?”

DongHae smiled”I don’t mind.”

HyukJae staring at DongHae like he was just saying something really great”It’s not that I don’t want you to stop that crazy,stupid,extreme sport that can kill you.I just want you to be clean when you are around me.Because you know germs are—“HyukJae stop his rambling when DongHae pressed his lips to his.

“I love you and that’s it.I don’t mind anything else.”

HyukJae stared DongHae’s face for a minute”I’m not normal,you deserve someone else not me”

“You don’t need to be normal cause if you always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.”DongHae pawing HyukJae’s cheeks”You are amazing with our without an OCD and I love you”

HyukJae held DongHae’s hand with a pure of happiness smiled on his face he said”I love you…I love you so much”

The end

PS:This was something I made on the plane when I’m on my way home.And,yes I have an OCD so HyukJae in here was basicly me in the real life but now I slowly learn to became a little un-OCD person that’s why I have mochi(my dog)I only can pat him,I can’t pat any other animal except my dog.Mochi I love you more than a love songs.


Heaven Forbid(1/2)

Chapter 1:

DongHae was already in his work suit waiting for his boss to came out from the house,he used his time to wipe the car cap until he heard the front door opened.


“Yes,sir”He stopped what he was doing and face the owner of the voiced.

“Bring him home before midnight”His boss said,hands folded to his chest”I don’t like the idea of graduation party and I don’t expect him coming home drunk or you are fired!Understand!”It was a fully order and DongHae knew to never reject anything his big boss wanted him to do.

“Yes,sir I understand”DongHae said while nodding.

“I’m ready”A boy with a blonde hairs and gummy smiled suddenly appeared in front of them.

DongHae immediately opened the car door and when the teenager boy already inside the car he carefully closed it.

“DongHae remember what I just said to you”Still with the same arrogant pose his boss remind him again.

DongHae nodded before he also slipped inside the car,ready to starting the engine and drove the car away.

“Bye hyung”The teenager in the back seat opened the window and waving to his hyung.

Just as the car exited from the mansion gate,the blonde teenager who sitting in the back seat started to crawl into the front seat”DongHae~”He snuggled his face to his driver neck.

“You should sit still,I’m driving”DongHae said without even glanced to the boy next to him but a smiled on his face.

“Fine”The blonde haired boy said while leaning his back to the car seat he fasten his seatbelt”You better kiss me on the first red light”

“You better pry it was red not green if you want me to kissing you”

“Or you can just pull over in here and kiss me like you mean it”

But even before they reached the first red light DongHae didn’t even need to pull over he stopped the car,suddenly pulling the teenager next to him into a deep kissed”congratulations”He kissed the red lips again”for you graduation”He kissed HyukJae’s forehead and his still closing eyelids.

“Thank you”HyukJae said still kinda dazed with his lover kissed.

“HeeChul hyung wanted me to take you home before midnight”DongHae said while driving.

HyukJae sighed”His just become a regular pain in the ass like he always do”

DongHae chuckled”Who told you to said those words to your own brother”


It was in the middle of fall when DongHae knew his parents was passing away cause a car accident,he was only a freshman in the college and his little brother still in high school.His not from a rich family just a normal average family his parents didn’t had much and his not a scholar kid that time he took three part times jobs while studying in college,he needed to paid his school and his little brother education and of course he needed to kept maintaining both of him and his brother life.But it was hard to kept studying while you also needed a job to gave you a money,he got a bad scores and his GPA was low the dean of his faculty tried to talked to him giving him a solutions between work and his education cause DongHae was not a stupid kid who didn’t wanted to study or learn.At that time DongHae didn’t had any choiced but to leaved his education and worked so his little brother can still continuing his education.

But his not a college degree graduate so he was stuck into this low job with a bad payment,both of them cannot to sell their house and move from leaving in the city to the suburd,leaving in the bad area where the criminals were so high and the building they lived in was not even nice at all but they had no choiced.DongHae always thought as long as he can feed his brother well and paid his brother school everything was okey,don’t mind him.

One day when DongHae read a newspaper thinking he needed one more job cause his brother was already in his last year in high school,he needed more money if he wanted his brother to enter a college.That’s when he read about a rich person looking for a driver,not a bad job.

DongHae got a job even though his boss was a real pain in ass and not much older than him only a several years older than him but he got a got paid,the payment was bigger than three of DongHae’s jobs became one.But he need to stayed at their mansion from Monday to Friday,he was agree to that,his little brother can take care of himself when his not around,he believed that.He also quit his other jobs cause that’s what his “pain in the ass”boss wanted and DongHae agree to that,his payment was big enough just for this one job.

But never had in his mind he will became a personal driver to a hig school boy,HyukJae.He was still a junior in high school when the first time DongHae met him,blonde hairs,shied and didn’t talked a lot.DongHae thought he was cute and he never thought he will said cute to other boy other than his little brother.HeeChul,HyukJae’s hyung kept a closed eyes to both DongHae and HyukJae,thinking that DongHae was a wild wolf whose ready to jumped and rape his brother anythime,thay even barely spoke to each other.

The first time they talked was because HeeChul had a fought with HyukJae,the kid cried inside the car and DongHae can’t helped but trying to comfort him,saying a things about”Everything is gonna be okey”and”He didn’t mean it”.They didn’t went to school that day,DongHae brought HyukJae to a diner somewhere near the Seoul national museum to drink a milkshake,they talked even though not much of the talked,it was the first time HyukJae skip school and somehow it’s made him happy being with DongHae,had him as a company.They got home like they used too,so nobody get suspicious.

“Thank you”HyukJae said after DongHae opened the back door from him,he step outside from the car facing DongHae”I have a lots of fun”And then he tiptoes to kissed DongHae’s cheek before running inside his housed.

After that everything went so fast for both of them,their first kissed,their first anniversary,their first sex,it was all about them.It was so easy to falling in love with HyukJae,even though DongHae knew he be dead if HeeChul knew their relationship with each other,both DongHae and HyukJae tired as best as they can to hide it from anyone in the mansion.Up until now the lucky still on their side.


“So?”DongHae said he made a u turn”I will take you to your friend’s house and make sure you are not having a good time,just like what your hyung said too me,to make sure you are not having a good time”

“Who said I want to go to my friend’s house and having those stupid graduation party”

“You are not?”DongHae took a quick glanced to HyukJae.

HyukJae groaned”Oh,come on you know that’s just me using an excuse and I suppose you know that”

“Yeah”DongHae smiled”I’m not that stupid you know that’s why I bring you here”

Suddenly their car already in the hotel parking lot,it was not an expensive hotel but not a kind of cheap love hotel either.They just need a room to do whatever they had in mind that night.


“That was good”HyukJae said still panting he laid himself on the top of DongHae’s body”Let’s take a breath and do it again”He said with it while hiding his face on DongHae’s neck cause he was blushing.

“Seriously?You are not tired?”DongHae asked with an amused tone.

“Hey”HyukJae lifted his blushing face”Just so you know I’m still a teenager and-“

“Are you gonna start talking about your hormone again?”DongHae cut HyukJae’s sentence before he even finished it,he already knew where this talked lead too.

“If you already know about my hormone problem you should take care of it,take care of me”

DongHae smiled,he cupped HyukJae face”Yeah,take care of you by fucking you”He kissed HyukJae’s lips”I love you”He leaned his forehead to HyukJae’s”What I’m gonna do without you?”

HyukJae pushed DongHae’s bangs from his forehead”You be fine without me,I believe that,I be back before you know it”

HyukJae was going away from college and HeeChul going to sent him to an overseas college.

“Just,please don’t do anyting stupid when I’m away and stay away from HeeChul-hyung as much as you can and that ugly flirty maid who always rape you with her eyes I will make sure to fired her before I’m going to college”

“You do whatever you wanted to do”DongHae trail his fingers on HyukJae’s back down to his butt,he gave a firm squeezed before parted those butt cheeks and slipped his fingers inside the tight twitching hole.

“Ahhnn”HyukJae moaned,he leaned his forehead to DongHae’s chest giving a small bite to prevent his moaned.

“I’m sure glad you have all this hormone for me to take care of it”


A week before HyukJae went to college HeeChul decide to threw a farewell party to him,DongHae of course as the driver played his part as he driver.

“DongHae-ssi should just rest at our place tonight”HyukJae said while he was already inside the car with his hyung after the party was ended.

“DongHae.You don’t need to be so formal with him!his just a driver”HeeChul said didn’t even interested to talked this kind of topic,his eyes fixed to the outside of the window car”If you care much to him just order him to stay tonight,I pay him to do your order”

“You shouldn’t said something like that,that’s not nice hyung”HyukJae said with a low voiced but the people inside the car can heard it clearly enough he really didn’t like it when his hyung rude to DongHae,most of the time HeeChul rude for no reason at all,like this.

“You can said whatever you want to said if you are the one who pay him not me!”Whatever tone HeeChul using was,the effect of the words still the same.

HyukJae choose to shut his mouth,he knew better if he still saying something it will not good in the end.

“DongHae”HeeChul called his name.


“The brat want you to stay”

“Yes,sir”DongHae said while glancing to the rear view mirror looking at the back seat where HyukJae was sitting,the boy had his head hung low.

DongHae knew HeeChul loved and care too much for HyukJae but he showed it in the different way sometimes it will made HyukJae sad cause the boy took it the other way.The ride home full of HeeChul speech to HyukJae,he kept saying he was always right.And DongHae knew HyukJae wanted to objected everything that he said but he can’t so he just kept his voiced and thought down.


DongHae was just finished his shower,he was thinking to gave a phone call to his brother at home,telling him he didn’t came home tonight just as he wore his boxer,he heard a knocked on his door.

Thinking it was just one of the maid,they are always knocking on DongHae’s door when DongHae stay at the mansion,so he ignored it,pretend that he was already slept.But the knocking getting more and more persistence it’s annoyed him,he didn’t had any other choiced but to opened the door.

“What!”He snapped didn’t care whoever it was knocking on his door.

“Sorry”HyukJae a little bit startled with DongHae’s snapping like that to him.

“HyukJae,what are you doing in here?”DongHae talked in the whisper looking to the right and to the left made sure if the hall way was empty from the other employee,he pull HyukJae to his room and made sure to lock his door.

“What happen?”He asked after locking the door,cupping HyukJae’s face.

“He yell at me”HyukJae said eyes started to get teary.

“He yell at everybody”DongHae wanted to said that but knowing HyukJae will also hate him if he said it,he didn’t said anything only pull the blonde boy to his embraced”Did you said something to him?something that make him mad until he yell at you?”HeeChul maybe yell at everybody but not to HyukJae.

“I said to leave me alone”His voiced muffled cause he buried his face on DongHae’s bare chest.

DongHae sighed,he pull HyukJae closer”You know how he is”He rubbed HyukJae’s back to comforting him”Come here”DongHae made HyukJae sat on his bed while he was knealing in front of him in between his legs.

“A week from now you will leave this place”DongHae palce on of his hand on HyukJae’s cheek”He can’t yell at you or do anything that can make you sad,you will be happy in this 4 season,stranger country with your new friends”

HyukJae let out a little smiled,he leaned more to DongHae warm palm”How can I be happy when I know you still stuck in here with him”

DongHae waved his hand”Don’t worry about me,I be just fine.I know how to handle him”He kissed HyukJae’s nose”Better?”

HyukJae nodded.

“Okey”DongHae got up”come on I take you to your room”

HyukJae shook his head”can…can stay here”eyes wide staring at DongHae’s.

“You know you can’t”

They made their own ruled even if DongHae was stay at the mansion Monday to Friday they can’t spoke to each other around the house,no eye contact,and absolutely can’t stay or came to each other room.

“Just this once,I promise”HyukJae starting to pleading he took DongHae’s hand and hold it tightly showing how much he wanted to stayed at his room tonight.

DongHae sighed,thinking he had been spoiled his lover too much”No you can’t”

“Why?”HyukJae shouted”You starting to be an annoying jerk like my hyung!”

“No,I’m not and lower your voiced”DongHae told him as gentle as he can be.

“You didn’t want me to be in here because you want that maid in here right?that’s what you want!”Every words that came out from HyukJae’s words was with a raising and accusing tone which he knew DongHae didn’t even like it but he kept doing it,showing DongHae how much brat he can be sometimes.

“Fine!You do whatever you want to do!keep accusing me for something that I didn’t do it!”DongHae didn’t yelled or snapped at HyukJae,he only talked with a firm tone showing HyukJae that he was the grown up in this relationship,showing HyukJae how annoyed him when HyukJae starting to constanly accusing him.

DongHae left him alone while he decide to clam himself don at bathroom,giving HyukJae time to think about his brat attitude but when DongHae came out from bathroom HyukJae was still in there,pouting at him,eyes still accusing DongHae.

DongHae sighed,he ignore him and went to the bed didn’t mind with HyukJae.

After thirty minutes of silent and DongHae pretend to slept,HyukJae was slowly crawling to DongHae side shaking his body lowly”DongHae”He said with a softed voiced he used everytime they had a little fought like this and he realized he was at fault”DongHae”This time he whisper right on DongHae’s ear.

“What?”DongHae still closing his eyes showing no interest at all”It’s late already go to your room”

“DongHaeeeeeeeeee”Now his was forcefully shaking DongHae’s body while lightly bounching on the bed”Loooookk at meeeee”

“What?”DongHae finally open his eyes and roll on his back so he can saw HyukJae’s face.

“I’m sorry”His head was hanging low,fingers playing with the bedsheet”I won’t do it again,please don’t be mad at me”

How can he mad at his lover if he always apologizing in a cute way like this,DongHae sighed he get up and kissed HyukJae on the forehead.

“Am I forgiven?”A wide gummy smiled appeared on HyukJae’s faced.

“Like I have another choice and I know you will fired me if I didn’t forgive you”DongHae said with a smirked on his faced.

“Yahhh!”HyukJae slapped his chest lightly and then move to straddle DongHae’s lap both of his arms wrapped tightly around DongHae’s neck.HyukJae moved his faced closer until his lips touching DongHae’s didn’t even wait DongHae to moved his lips or return the kissed HyukJae shoved his tongue inside DongHae’s.

“Mmmh”DongHae let out a shocked moaned when the tongue reached his throat”Wow,what is that?”He said after lightly pushing HyukJae away from him.

“It’s call sex it’s really good you should try it”HyukJae once again pressed his lips to DongHae’s,harder this time and it sure made DongHae shut his mouth up.

HyukJae’s long fingers kept running through DongHae’s brunette hairs while still deepening their kissed,tounge play with each other tounge inside the wet cavern,trying to found that special spot that will made them let out the satisfied voiced from the back of their throat.

HyukJae pulled DongHae’s lower lips in between his teeth chewing it lightly,he liked it when he do that,to his lover thin lips made like he was in the charge.

“Mmmhh…I don’t really like when you do that to me”DongHae said tilting his head aside so HyukJae can move free with his lips and tongue all over DongHae’s neck.He slipped his hands under HyukJae’s shirt one hand caressing HyukJae’s back,one hand slipped inside HyukJae’s pajama pants roaming his ass.

DongHae fingers found one of HyukJae’s nipples with his fingertips lightly he circling it making the little red nip hard under his light touched,when DongHae forefinger flicked HyukJae’s nipple,it made HyukJae’s groaned he gave a hard suck on DongHae’s collar bone before lifted his head up”Damn it”He cursed and suddenly he opened his own shirt fastly”Do that again!”He said with a demanding tone.

DongHae staring at  him with an amused stared”Don’t use that kind of tone you sound like your hyung”

HyukJae put both of his hand in the back of DongHae’s head”I’m the boss!”He tried to pushed DongHae’s face to sucked his hard nipples.

“Ask nicely”

“DongHae!”HyukJae groaning in frustration.

“Nicely”DongHae said one more time,this time with a teasing smiled on his face his finger started to do the flicking on his nipple again”Say it I will do it with my tongue”He gave a light licked with the tip of his tongue to HyukJae’s nipple.

“Ahh”HyukJae moaned even with the simple teased he already so turn on,he already grinding his bulge into DongHae’s”Please,do it”He said it while still grinding his bulge,fingers running through DongHae’s hairs,forehead press to each other,eye to eye.

DongHae smirked he leaned to gave a sweet kissed on HyukJae’s lips going down to his chin and a few light kisses on HyukJae’s neck with a lick on his collarbone,until he finally reached HyukJae nipple,with his thumb DongHae roll it a couple of time making HyukJae gripped tightly into his hairs.

“Ahh…..nnhh….Hae”He look right into DongHae’s eyes with his fingertip HyukJae traced DongHae’s lower lips”Hae…ahh…make it wet…mmhh you promised”

DongHae licked HyukJae’s fingertip before he leaned to put HyukJae’s nipple inside his mouth making wet.

“Oh..nnhh…ah”HyukJae kept grinding his bulge into DongHae wanting more than just a friction.DongHae free hand slipping inside HyukJae’s boxer the tip of his nail dipping into HyukJae’s slit made more precum coming out from it.

Long fingers wrapped around the base of the cock making it sticky with the precum,slowly stroking it making the hand purposely slide down to tease the balls.Teeth pulling the hard nub between his teeth,rolling it around or sometimes pulling it harsly made the hard nub liked a jelly.

DongHae slide off HyukJae’s pants and boxer leaving the boy naked on his lap,his hands caressing slowly on HyukJae inner thigh to his groin caressing the skin slowly but didn’t touched HyukJae’s cock at all,made the damp skin became wet with the precum on his hand.

DongHae look up to HyukJae,took HyukJae’s chin so the boy focuss on him his hand down there still caressing the groin”I will suck you dry,do you want me to suck you dry?until you can come anymore,hmm?”

HyukJae moaned his eyes was hazy already can felt the pleasure that DongHae will gave it to him”Suck me!”He took DongHae’s hand from his groin put two of his fingers inside his mouth and without breaking an eye contact HyukJae suck those fingers,eyes kept on DongHae’s a wet sound coming out from HyukJae’s mouth”Suck me like—“He licked the finger from the base to the tip”you mean it”HyukJae put the fingers inside his mouth again sucking the finger hard”Suck me hard”He bite his lower lips”make me bed for more”He lick the tip of DongHae’s finger.

DongHae smirked,he spread HyukJae’s legs open wide bean his head a little and with the tip of his tounge he gave a light licked on the tip of HyukJae’s head.


A licked after licked DongHae gave to HyukJae but he never put the whole cock inside his mouth and this made HyukJae over the edge”Haee….nnhh”He pulled DongHae’s hairs so they eye to eye”Don’t play!”HyukJae said panthing.

“You want to put this”DongHae licked HyukJae’s cockhead”Inside here?”He pointing his mouth”You need to work for it baby”He used his forefinger to circle HyukJae’s cockhead”I’ll gave you a good suck”He been over again just as he let his tongue let out a little,HyukJae thrusted his hip up made his cock slide all the way inside DongHae’s mouth.

DongHae let out a startled voiced that almost sound like he was gagging cause the sudden cock thrusted but DongHae quickly bobbed his head up and down sucking HyukJae’s cock hard,made his mouth more smaller to created the more friction to HyukJae’s cock.Both of his hands wander on HyukJae’s inner thigh keeping it open wide for DongHae.

“Ahh….nah..ahhnn….ahh…hahh”HyukJae threw his head back,eyes closed tightly,both of his hand on gripped on the sheet his hips kept thrusting inside DongHae’s mouth.

The wet tongue slide from the base to the tip and it went to the base again,DongHae lightly chewing on the skin around the cockhead giving it a small bites.

“Oohhh….nnnhh…..Hae…ahhn….fuck!ahhhh”HyukJae moaned when DongHae lightly nibbling the skin near his cock tip”DongHae…haahh…..hae…ahh…fuck me!Stop..oohhh…this…fuck me!”

DongHae raised his head wide his mouth with the back of his hand,a teasing smirked on his face”Baby,already wants a cock?“DongHae parted HyukJae’s buttcheeks and with his forefinger he circle it the tight hole”Do you want me to fuck you hard?”DongHae pushed his finger inside HyukJae’s hole.


“Moaning already?this is just my finger,baby”DongHae whisper right on HyukJae’s ear,bitting on his earlobe softly”only one finger and you already becaming a slut?”

HyukJae only moaned more hearing that,HyukJae liked it when DongHae was kinky like this,when he will talked dirty to him,it was making HyukJae more horny and wanted more.

“More….ahh…DongHae more”

DongHae pulled his finger from HyukJae’s hole”You want more?do it yourself”

With a fast move HyukJae pulled DongHae’s boxer let the piece of fabric hanging around DongHae’s knee,HyukJae kissed the tip making DongHae groan just for a simple touched on his erect cock.The kissed trail from the tip to the base and HyukJae used his tongue to lick all the way from the base to the tip,dipping the tip of his tongue into DongHae’s cock slit.

HyukJae lifted himself a little,he parted his buttcheeks grinding it to DongHae’s hard cock letting the precum made his hole wet,while their lips was tangled into a messy,hot kissed.Slowly HyukJae lower himself,his hole taking DongHae’s cock slowly,HyukJae bite his lower lips feeling his hole being stretch little by little it was hurt at first but the pleasure always came last after this.

When HyukJae decide to stop for a while to made his ass adjust onto DongHae’s cock half of DongHae’s cock was already inside HyukJae’s,suddenly DongHae gripped HyukJae’s hips and thrusted up hard into HyukJae’s hole making all of his length buried inside HyukJae’s.

“Fuck!”HyukJae shouted”Damn it!DongHae!”He punched DongHae’s shoulder”Damn it!you jerk!”HyukJae kept hitting and cursing his lover at the same time but DongHae didn’t care he already started the pace of his thrusting.

“Ahhn….ahhh…ahh..nnnaahh….slower…..DongHae….mmmhh…slower”HyukJae begged it was too much cause DongHae didn’t let him adjust first and suddenly he already thrusting hard inside HyukJae,but it seems DongHae ddint even hear him.

“Ahhhh….please….ohhh…ohh…ahhhhnnn…..slower....hae…..ahhnnnn”HyukJae clung tightly onto DongHae’s neck,his chest press tightly into DongHae’s.Made his hard nipples rubbed with DongHae’s chest everytime DongHae thrusted hard into him.

DongHae hands roam all over HyukJae’s back going down to smack and squeeze HyukJae’s jelly ass,his mouth bussy making a mark all over HyukJae collarbone”Good?”

“Slower…ahhn”That’s what HyukJae’s said while kept clinging into DongHae,his fingernails dipping into DongHae’s back.

All DongHae do was just change his angle of thrusting to shut HyukJae’s whinning to made him go slower and when he did and found the right spot,HyukJae moaned”Ahhhhnnn…..ahhnn….oh God…nnnhh”.

“Slower?”DongHae asked just for the sake of teasing HyukJae.

HyukJae shook his head”Nnnoo….again….hah..hah…..nnaaahh..ahhn…again Hae…ohh”

DongHae kept doing it thrusting into HyukJae’s prostate again and again making HyukJae kept moaning”I’m…ahh….ahnn…cumming….ahhhhh”

DongHae brought his hand to wrapped it around HyukJae’s hard cock he stroked it fast just like his thrusted his thumb caressing the slit double the pleasure for HyukJae.DongHae can felt that HyukJae was shaking when DongHae gave a hard thrusted and his thumb brushed over the slit that’s when HyukJae suddenly came hard,spill his cum all over DongHae’s hand,chest and abs.

“Mmmmmhh…ahhhnn…ahh…..hah…hah”He was panting,HyukJae gave a lightly kissed all over DongHae’s shoulder while DongHae kept thrusting inside him,a couple of time thrusting inside the tight hole DongHae finally fill HyukJae’s.

Both of them was still panting hard,DongHae ran his hand up and down HyukJae’s back”I will lay you down,okey?”

HyukJae nodded slowly DongHae laid HyukJae down on his bed,he wore his boxer and went to bathroom to cleaned himself.He cameback with with a wet towel and started to cleaned HyukJae’s body,he was just about to buttoning HyukJae’s pajama top when a knocked can be heard from his door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me oppa”It was a girl’s voiced,the maid who HyukJae said an eyes on DongHae.

Hearing that voiced HyukJae immediately snapped his eyes open”Tell her to go!”HyukJae was furious and DongHae knew it.

“It’s already laet”DongHae tried to buttoning HyukJae’s top again but his hand being swatted away with HyukJae.

“Can you please open the door oppa?just for a second”

DongHae sighed”Just a second”

“What!”HyukJae hissed”Are you gonna open the door for her?”

“It was easier like that.I will tell her to leave me as soon as I open the door,promise”They are talking in the whisper manner.

DongHae got up from the bed,he lifted HyukJae up to his arms”Great!now you are hiding me inside your bathroom!just great!”HyukJae said his tone was thick with venom.DongHae made him sat on the closet”You know I love you,right?”DongHae gave him  a smiled and a pecked on the forehead but HyukJae responsed was stuck his tongue out,made DongHae chuckled.Just as DongHae closed the bathroom door,the knocking can be heard again.

Didn’t said anything DongHae snapped his door open already felt annoyed with all the trouble he had for that night.

“Took you long enough just to open the door?”

It was HeeChul,in front of him was HeeChul.DongHae was startled”What the fuck?”He thought.The maid who was knocking on his door was now standing right behind his boss.

“You may leave us now”HeeChul order the maid.

The girl behind him bow and immediately left them alone.

HeeChul eyeing DongHae from head to toe,he entering DongHae’s room without asked DongHae’s permission,looking around the room,like he was searching or suspicious about something.

“She said,she heard a noise coming out from your room.Strange noise and she told me about it,wonder what you are doing in this time and with who?”A cold tone HeeChul usually used didn’t made DongHae frozed like this but right at this time he was frozed and scared at the same time,he knew he screwed.

“Did you hide someone,in here?”HeeChul stood at the center of the room facing DongHae,hands fold to his chest.

DongHae can even said a single word and HeeChul kept staring at him waiting for his answer”You better spit it out”HeeChul said after some moment of silence”Before I find it by myself”His eyes was landed on the bathroom.

“No one”DongHae said out of his nervous system.

“Really?”HeeChul already took a step to the batroom,hand on the door knob and when he open the door,he look at DongHae”No one?”

And DongHae knew he was totally screwed.

“Come here!”He said to HyukJae who was still inside the bathroom,still startled caused it was his hyung in front of him”Don’t make me said twice!Come here!”His voiced was raised.

HyukJae stood up and walked to his brother.HeeChul grabbed his upper arm yanking him out from the bathroom”disgusting!”HeeChul eyes were on DongHae and HyukJae,glaring at them,hand still grabbing HyukJae’s upper arm.

“Don’t—“DongHae wanted HeeChul to stopped being so harsh to HyukJae,what HeeChul do was hurting his own brother.

“What!”Before DongHae can finished his line HeeChul already snapped at him”Don’t hurt him!do you want to say that!He is my brother I have all my right to hurt him!”And he tighten his gripped on HyukJae’s arm made HyukJae writhed in pain”You better leave before I change my mind to kill you!”HeeChul pointing at DongHae.

“No!!this is not his fault”HyukJae in his panic state of mind suddenly said”It was me who asking him,he need a money and I have a money..and…and I tell him to do that with me,let him stay”

HeeChul grabbed both of HyukJae’s upper arms”Did I raise you to became a liar?”

HyukJae was shaking and tears kept falling from his eyes.


“Shut the hell up!”HeeChul yell to DongHae.

“Did i?”He snapped to HyukJae”Answer me!”


“No?so stop making a story!”HeeChul pull HyukJae from from the bedroom.

“DongHae”HyukJae wanting to reached DongHae for help but just as DongHae wanting to pull him away,HeeChul already push him away”Don’t you dare!”He took HyukJae out of the bedroom”Leave!”He said before slamming the door in front of DongHae’s face.


“Can I ask you something?”KyuHyun said while both of them having a dinner,it was raining hard with thunder outside.

“Hmm”DongHae tear his gaze from the newspaper to his brother in front of him.

“Are you fired or something?”

He raised his eyebrows”Why are you said something like that?”

KyuHyun shrugged”It’s been to weeks and you didn’t work at all,just stay at home and looking for a nother job from the newspaper”KyuHyun pointing the paper with his chopstick”Did you do something with HyukJae and his brother know?”

DongHae’s eyes widen sometimes his brother look likes he can read someone minds”No”he answer simple.

“Then why are you didn’t work and looking for a nother job?”

“HyukJae is going away to college and yeah…well”DongHae shrugged,thinking about HyukJae was now already at college made him sad,since that nigt he left the mansion they never had a communication at all and DongHae missed him,it’s worry him thinking that HyukJae will found someone else at his college.

“What do you mean with that?”

“Kyu,I’m tired can we not talk about this now?”

KyuHyun snorted”Tired?tired of what?”He picked the plate that DongHae and he was just using for dinner to the washer”You didn’t do anything all day and you said you are tired.”

DongHae only sighed hearing his brother’s venom mouth.

“Kyu,open the door”

“You open it!My hands are full!”He yelled from the kitchen and DongHae can heard him but he didn’t made any moved still sitting at their small dinning table reading a paper,ignoring the knocked from their apartment door until KyuHyun annoyed enough with the knocking.

“Do something will you!”KyuHyun shouted at him while walking to the door,DongHae can heard his brother opening the door and the suddenly his brother yell at him”HYung!”

“What now?”He said while standing up,walking to the door”What?”He asked KyuHyun who was back facing him,his brother looked at him and step aside so DongHae can see who was standing on their door.

“Hyu—HyukJae?”DongHae immediately walked to the soaking wet boy hugged him tight”What?how?”He pull the boy closer to his embraced”You should be in college now?what happen?”DongHae pull himself from the hugged so he can see HyukJae’s face.

“I—I don’t wanna go,I ran  away from hyung and looking for you”He said,his bottom lips was tremble cause he was soaking and feeling cold.


“We can kick him out,kyu”

“Yes,we can!you do that or I will do that”KyuHyun was shouting at his brother.

“Lower your voice”

“I don’t care!I already told you again and again to stay the fuck away from him!and what did you do?you sleep with him!and now he was running away from his brother to us!you said”KyuHyun pointing his finger to his brother”you didn’t tell anybody including him our real address,you lie to me!now his brother is gonna kill us!you know that!”

“You are panic kyu!”

“I’m not fucking panic!you are idiot if you listen to what I’ve said this wouldn’t happening!soon or latter his brother is gonna found us and kill us cause he think you make his brat little brother run away from him and leaving college because of you!”

HyukJae was sitting at the leaving room with towel around his body,he can heard every single things the brothers said cause the apartment was small and the brothers was shouting with each other.

“What do you want me to do?”

“”Kick him out!for god sake I already said it again and again!just Kick.Him.Out!”

“I can’t do that”DongHae ran his fingers through his hairs feeling crazy about everything”Let him stay tonight and tomorrow I will find a way to send him home”

KyuHyun eyeing him like he didn’t believe his hyung can do that”I want him out from our house now!”

“I can’t do that Kyu!God!have some mercy will you!Do I need to beg to you so he can stay here for just one day!”

“One day!”KyuHyun rasied his finger”I don’t care about tomorrow and I’m not gonna heard anymore of your excuse,his out of here tomorrow!”

Both of DongHae and KyuHyun walked out from their small kitchen to the leaving room where HyukJae was.

“Baby”DongHae knelt down in front of HyukJae,KyuHyun standing behind them rolling his eyes.

“Don’t kick me out,I—I don’t have a place to go,I don’t wanna go back in there”HyukJae pleading,voiced shaky,eyes get teary.

“,listen”DongHe tried to clam HyukJae down”You stay here tonight,I will take you home tomorrow”

“No”HyukJae was panic,tears falling down from his eyes.

“You can’t stay here!”KyuHyun knew his brother will let HyukJae stay if he didn’t let his hands into this matter”And I don’t want you stay in here!”

DongHae shoot KyuHyun a danger look but KyuHyun ignore it.

“I can’t go back home”HyukJae shook his head”I can’t”

“Why?”KyuHyun asked with a harsh tone.

“Kyu!”DongHae warned him.

“What!”He shouted to his bother,he didn’t care if he was being rude,he already said he didn’t like HyukJae.

“I’m….I’m pregnant”HyukJae said while sobbing


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Bigger boy and Stolen Sweetheart 4/4

Chapter 4:

When HyukJae came unto the hospital a big crowd of paparazzi already there,flashing bright lights of camera and throwing a millions questions to him but thankfully HyukJae got both Heechul and Hankyung on his side.The two of them ready to swatted every paparazzi who got too closed to him,it took a times until he finally got inside the hospital away from the crazy crowd out there.The three of them walked in silent,one of the nurse said DongHae was still in the ICU all the way to DongHae’s room HyukJae was holding HeeChul’s hand tightly trying to calmed himself down.

The first person HyukJae saw in front of the big glass room was DongHae’s mother,he didn’t even knew what should he do when he saw the middle age lady standing outside the glass room seeing her only son lying in front of her eyes and it was all happening because of him.Inside HyukJae kept blaming himself.

“Talk”HeeChul kinda shook his hand that HyukJae held tightly.

HyukJae only held HeeChul’s hand more tight than before he shook his head fastly.

HeeChul sighed”If you didn’t want to talk then why are we here in the first place!Just standing in here like a stupid person we are!You wanna see DongHae than go talk to his mom and see him!”HeeChul didn’t aware his was at the hospital but he was shouting.

His shouting voiced caught DongHae’s mother’s ears”HyukJae”She said while she was turned around.

“Talk!”HeeChul all but mouthing agrily to HyukJae.

HyukJae was walking slowly to the lady but she was throwing herself into HyukJae’s embrace hugging him tight”His gonna be fine right?”HyukJae can heard she said that right into his ear,her shaky voiced only made HyukJae felt more guilt.

“He be alright”HyukJae manage to said,trying so hard not to let out his shaky voiced,pulling DongHae’s mother closed to him he put his chin on the top of DongHae’s mother’s tophead”Yeah,he be alright”He said again,more to himself than to anybody.


No broken bones,no wounds,no bruised on the skin DongHae didn’t had any kind of that injury the only problem DongHae had was he had Intracerebral Hemorrhage,so the blood leaking inside his brain.The doctor already tried to stopped it,they already do a surgical operation but still his condition was still bad,even the doctor said DongHae was on the edge of death and live.

“It was all because of me”HyukJae said lowly,he buried his face on his palms.

After the doctor came and told both of HyukJae and DongHae’s mother the real problem that they will facing it with DongHae’s condition right now and a little chance they got.

The doctor already allowed both DongHae’s mother and HyukJae came inside the intensive room so they can monitoring DongHae’s condition.HyukJae told DongHae’s mother to came inside first,he just still can’t bare looking DongHae lying with all the infusion all over his body and the guilt still running on him.

The three of them sitting on the long chair on the empty hospital hall.

“I shouldn’t said all those thing to him,I shouldn’t told him to go!If only I didn’t told him to leave me!”

“Stop it!”HeeChul said firmly

“It’s all because of me!I love him”Even though HyukJae’s voiced was muffled cause he buried his face on his palms but both Heechul and Hankyung knew he was already crying”I love him so damn much but I’m just trying to be hard on him and this is what I’ve got from my little own game!”

“Stop it!”HeeChul pry HyukJae’s hands that covering his face and he was right,he was crying”Stop blaming yourself”

“His dying!it’s all because of me!”He started to struggled from HeeChul’s held tried to freeing himself.

“The time when he was get into the car crash it was raining so hard both DongHae and the other car from the other side who crashing into him can’t see anything in the rain,so blame the rain!not yourself!”HeeChul now kneeling in front of HyukJae still holding both of HyukJae’s hands even though he kept trying to let it go.

“If I didn’t told him to left me that night,if I didn’t listening to my stupid heart that kept telling me I didn’t love him anymore and tried to convince myself that I was better without him,If only I’m being true to myself and….and just said I still love him that night”HyukJae leaned his back into the wall behind him taking a deep breath,a tears leaked out from the corner of his eyes”He didn’t had to drove into the hard rain…no,he didn’t”HyukJae bit his lower lips trying to content himself.

HeeChul sighed,one of the bad thing about HyukJae was he kept blaming himself for whatever reason people had done even though it was really,a pure an unfornunate events and HeeChul hate it,when HyukJae kept blaming himself for the things he didn’t do it.

“Listen to me”He cupped HyukJae’s face”Stop blaming yourself!Stop saying all the ‘if’ things!You didn’t do anything wrong”

“Even if you keep blaming yourself over and over again,that didn’t bring DongHae to suddenly conscious”Hankyung who had been silent all the time suddenly said,he was leaning his back on the wall behind him with his head look toward to the right so he can saw HyukJae’s side face”We never knew what will happen right?Maybe just maybe,if that night you admit that you still love him and the two of you heading back home together on the hard rain,who knows what will happen?maybe you will also lying unconscious next to him right now.We never know what will happen right?”

HyukJae nodded his head kinda felt a little clam right now.

“You are my little brother”HeeChul wipe HyukJae’s tears with his thumb kinda caressed his little brother’s cheek”whatever you do you are never-ever-ever do wrong!so stop blaming yourself!”He slowly and slightly pull HyukJae until he can kissed his forehead”Get yourself together and get inside that room,he need you”


HyukJae came inside the intensive room after he calm himself down,HeeChul told him to just stay on the hospital and be on DongHae’s side.

“Call me,if you need anything”That’s what he said before he and Hankyung left the hospital.Funny,how things now seems to be upside down with the way his hyung suddenly let him be with DongHae,if this accident happening in the couple of years ago HyukJae swore his Hyung would be the happies person on earth knowing DongHae was dying like this.

HyukJae was just standing on the door way,looking the scene in front of him.DongHae’s mother holding his son’s hand so tight she kept whispering a words into his son’s ear hoping that her son would heard her.

HyukJae knew DongHae since they’re still a little kid,growing up with DongHae,he knew that DongHae had a really bad relationship with his mother even when DongHae still a little boy he often fought with his mother,the only person he was closed with was his father since DongHae didn’t had any siblings.But his father passed away when he was in the junior high school and that only made things more worst between DongHae and his mother.

It wasn’t because his mother didn’t love him,it was just because they had a different want and the different eyes to saw the same things.DongHae didn’t talked with his mother anymore since he entered high school although they still lived in the same roof,when DongHae finished college,his mother decide to gave every single penny that his father left to them,letting DongHae to took over his father empire and then she left him,back to her hometown.She left because she didn’t loved her son it was because DongHae wanted her to left him alone,that’s why she left him.

Sometimes HyukJae thought maybe all this time they stuck together was because they shared the same background,their father passed away,their mother gone away but in HyukJae’s case his mother left him and his hyung because she wanted too.

He closed the slide glass door slowly afraid to made any sound but DongHae’s mother hearing it”I’m sorry,do you want me to leave?”

She smiled”No,come here”

HyukJae stood right beside her,hugging the lady to calm her down”You boys growing up so fast”She said,one hand gripping on HyukJae’s sweater sleeve,one single tears leaked out.

HyukJae wipe it away”Don’t cry.DongHae hate to see you cry”One thing that DongHae’s mother didn’t knew at all was DongHae hate to see her cried.Even though they fought a lot and DongHae was all the reason why she was crying but he actually had it,he had fought with his mother caused he will made him cried but he just too arrogant to told his mother the truth and stopped all the fighting between the two of them.


It was already a weeks of waiting and uncertainty risk DongHae had,HyukJae never left DongHae’s side.It was one of the day when DongHae’s mother left both of them alone to talked with the doctors,HyukJae will trace DongHae’s face with the tip of his finger hoping DongHae can felt his touched even though he didn’t showed any reaction.

“Wake up for me please,for your mother”HyukJae leaned closed to DongHae’s ear whispering to him.Giving him a light peck on the cheek.

“He be okey”A softed voiced reached his ears”The doctor told me that his condition it’s getting better and better”

“But he still unconscious”HyukJae put the palm of his hand on DongHae’s forehead”He still had a fever”

“You don’t have enough sleep,right?”She was standing next to HyukJae her hand going up and down on HyukJae’s back”Why don’t you take a rest,get some nice sleep back home”

HyukJae didn’t said anything he kept his silent while tracing DongHae’s face with the tip of his finger”I want to be here”

The lady cupped HyukJae’s face gently and lifted it”Look at you so tired,DongHae didn’t want to see this face when he open his eyes.I will take a good care of him,you get a good rest for now”

HyukJae can’t said no to that and he was really tired,putting his coat on he leaned down kissed DongHae on the cheek”Please take a good care of him”He hugged her tight just to made sure DongHae will always be fine without him.


“HyukJae wake up”HeeChul lightly shook his body to woke him up”Wake up”

“Hmmm”HyukJae slowly open his eyes”Hyung?”

“DongHae’s mom just called she said DongHae already conscious,come on I take you to the hospital”HeeChul already half stood up from HyukJae’s bed.

“His wake up?DongHae?”HyukJae was still unsure of what he was just heard.He was got home at lunch time and suddenly DongHae conscious at the night when he decide to went home and suddenly HyukJae’s mind playing his own bad scenario,thinking that even in his unconscious state DongHae didn’t wanted to saw him that’s why when HyukJae staying on his side he never open his eyes.

“Come on,Hankyung already on the car waiting for us.Put your jacket on”HeeChul patted HyukJae’s legs.

“I….let’s just go tomorrow”HyukJae said softly,he forced a small smiled,his back against the wall behind him,head hanging low to avoid eyes contact with his hyung.

HeeChul who already standing up once again sat on the bed this time he sat right next to HyukJae”Why?you didn’t want to see him?”

“He need some rest,hyung”HyukJae slide down inside his blanket back facing HeeChul”His mother was there too,to take care of him.”

HeeChul sighed”You and him have some talk to do”HeeChul ran his hands through HyukJae’s hairs.

HyukJae stay still,he pull the blanket up until it covering his head”He hate me”He mumbled softly but HeeChul can heard it”There’s nothing we need to talk about”

“If you say so”HeeChul usally will snapped at his brother if HyukJae started to making his own bad scenario inside his head but now maybe he just tired—tired for always snapped at his brother for all his own making scenario for this time HeeChul let it be,let HyukJae learn for his own,he kissed HyukJae’s tophead before leaving his little brother alone.

The moment HyukJae heard his brother exiting his bedroom a single tears escape his eyes”I’m sorry Hae”


He didn’t wanted to be in here but his hyung kept yelling at him telling him to went in here.Since DongHae finally awake never once HyukJae came to visit him in the hospital until DongHae finally discharge from the hospital HyukJae always made his own reason to not seeing DongHae even though deep down he wanted to came and see him.For some reason that only he knew,he was running for his own problem the problem that he created by himself.

Until one day DongHae’s mother gave a called to HeeChul asked him for help,asking if HyukJae can stayed a couple of days to took a good care of DongHae since she needed to do something back in her hometown without even thinking or asking HyukJae,HeeChul said yes.

At first HyukJae was rejected the idea telling HeeChul to told DongHae’s mother to just hired some nurse to took care DongHae”He will be happier if a nurse taking a good care of him”

But after the long talked or can said argument,HyukJae was finally surrender to his hyung,nobody can’t said no to HeeChul wanted.So here he was standing at the door of the mansion that DongHae bought for him for Christmas present,one of the place that he didn’t wanted to came back for the rest of his life but he didn’t had any other choice.


A week HyukJae already stayed alone with DongHae and things seems to be never get the same like they are used to be.All HyukJae do was just playing a nurse for DongHae,they didn’t talked except for DongHae’s condition,they sleep in the different room,it was awkward.

“Hae…DongHae”HyukJae tried to woke him up.

“Yeah?”DongHae said still with his eyes closing.

Secretly HyukJae smiled when he saw DongHae still sleepy face”You need to take a bath,I already fill the tub”HyukJae slowly took the blanket from DongHae,helping him got up from the bed.DongHae just taken out his stitches on his head,the doctor told HyukJae that DongHae need to laid in bed but the brunette complaint about how he can’t take it just laid in the bed for almost a months without having a shower at all,so HyukJae being able not to said no to DongHae followed his request.

“Let me help you”HyukJae said while reaching his hand to unbutton DongHae’s shirt.

“No”DongHae said fastly while moving away from HyukJae’s reaching hand”I can do it”He stood up from the bed without saying anything to HyukJae,he went to the bathroom.

HyukJae was still standing in the middle of the room,bitting his lower lips thinking”This isn’t good”.He knew he need to talked with DongHae for whatever problem they had but he just can’t bring himself to do it cause from his point of view after staying at the same roof with DongHae again,all DongHae showed to him just a cold side of him.He only talked to HyukJae if he needed him,they are once a bestfriend then became a lover then now just a stranger.

Taking a deep breath HyukJae thinking to help DongHae with his bath cause he can’t left him alone too long,afraid if something happened to him.

It was misty inside the bathroom and the temperature kinda hot too,HyukJae can clearly saw DongHae lying with eyes closed inside the bath up.HyukJae kinda hesitant at frist afraid if DongHae will kicked him out caused—well maybe he wanted a privacy or maybe he just hate HyukJae but before thought to left the bathroom and DongHae alone”HyukJae?”It was DongHae called his name.

Ever sinced the last big fought the had DongHae decide to never used a pet name again,he used a real name.HyukJae hate it,he hate it so much on the second day he stay with DongHae,he just cant take it anymore,after making sure DongHae already sleep safe and sound on his bed,HyukJae locked himself inside his room and crying over a little things just because DongHae decide didn’t wanted to called him with his pet name.

HyukJae kept his head low,eyes on the marbling floor”I…..just wanna help you”He said softly but enough to reached DongHae’s ears.

“Okey”It was DongHae’s answer.

HyukJae took a small plastic chair placed it behind the bath up ,slowly and gently he started to showering DongHae’s hairs.Trying hard to not even took a little glance on DongHae’s naked body,he ran his fingers through DongHae’s wet hairs the tip of his fingers can felt the mark from the operation DongHae had on his head and he can already felt the same guilt creaping inside him again.

Realized or not HyukJae kept rubbing and caressing that operation mark on DongHae’s head,until he can felt a gripped on his wrist”Stop”DongHae’s voiced was so cold despite the warm heat on the bathroom.

It was a silent after that no one said anything DongHae kept his held around HyukJae’s wrist,the held it’s not to too tight nor to loose either it’s just linger.

“You can stop all of this”DongHae said still held HyukJae’s wrist his back facing the other man”Stop all of this and just leave this place”

HyukJae opened his mouth but no words came out,he took a deep breath”I….I want to stay”

“Stop it,okey!”HyukJae kinda shouted this time”You don’t need to stay here,HyukJae!”

That’s it,even though he love this man and felt guilty about what just happened to him all he got back after all those suffering was just a kick out demand from him.

“Fine!”HyukJae pull out his hand,both of them didn’t even realized they still held each other”I will leave!if that’s make you happy!”HyukJae stood up from the chair leaving the bathroom not after he slamming the door.


When DongHae opened one of the bedroom door,the room HyukJae’s used he didn’t surprise when he saw HyukJae already throwing half of his clothes inside his suitcase,DongHae only with a towel around his waist sat on the bed next to HyukJae’s suitcase.

“Happy!”HyukJae shouted,he took a grabbed full of his clothes and suddenly throwing it right on DongHae’s face”I’m leaving now!Go having fun with your other new girlfriend”Another pile of clothes hit DongHae’s face.

“Stop that”DongHae said with a firm tone,while get ride a couple of clothes from his face.

HyukJae answer was to threw more pile of clothes on DongHae’s.

“HyukJae!Stop that!”DongHae gripped both of HyukJae’s wrist.

“You!”HyukJae shouted while tried to freeing his hands from DongHae’s gripped”Let go of me!Stop calling my real name!”

“Stop struggling so hard,you gonna hurt yourself”This time DongHae used a gentle tone.

“Hurt?You know nothing about hurt!Let go of me so I can leave this place just like what you wanted!”

DongHae sighed”Listen to me”

“I listen to you alright!you wanted me to left this place!Let go of me!I hate you!”HyukJae just keep struggling and shouting,DongHae didn’t had any other choiced but tighten his gripped on HyukJae’s wrist.When it came to stubborn HyukJae can be a real hard one,it was running in his family and the fact he was HeeChul’s little brother.

“Stop it!”DongHae let go one of HyukJae’s hand so he can held the other hips to stopped all the hard moving and struggled but all he got was a hard slapped landed on his face,it was unintentional though cause HyukJae too was shocked after that.

“Damn it”DongHae cursed lowly under his breath he let go of his held on HyukJae’s”Go”DongHae said coldly while standing up from the bed”You hate me that much,just go if you wanna go”

HyukJae kept his head low looking on the floor all the time fighting the tears that will leak out any second”You—“HyukJae tried to clam himself down,through all the emotion and tears”told me you never leave me.Now you feel further away than ever”This time he didn’t fought his sobs.

A softed patted of legs on the carpeted floor can be heard and HyukJae knew DongHae standing close in front of him.


“Stop it!”HyukJae cut DongHae sentence”Stop calling me with my real name”Maybe after this they will be a total stranger to each other but for a last time HyukJae wanted to heard those nick name that DongHae usally said when he called his name.

“Hyukkie”A softed,gentle voiced that HyukJae had been longing for all this time a gentle hand run through his hairs”I want you to stay if you want to stay with me”DongHae kept his hand on the back of HyukJae’s head.

“I don’t want you to stay just because you feel pity on me,just because my mother told you too,I want you to stay because you want to”The hand once again going up and down caressing HyukJae’s hairs”I just…..”DongHae stop for a moment trying to found a right words”confused with you,with us.One moment you push me away,you didn’t want me,you hate me,you don’t even care when I’m lying on the hospital they said you are around when I was unconscious but where were you when I’m conscious always making an excuse everytime my mother asked you to came and suddenly you standing in front of the door with that smiled like nothing happened before,I don’t want you to pity on me,stay because you want to stay cause I want you to stay.I know you are mad at me and—“

“No”HyukJae cut DongHae’s sentence”No”He threw himself on DongHae’s embrace hugged him so tight,one hand gently tugging the hairs on DongHae’s nape”No,I’m mad at myself not you.I’m mad for always being nice,always apologizing for things I didn’t do,for getting attached,for making you my whole life,depending on you,wasting my time on you,thinking about you,forgiving you,wishing for you,dreaming for you.But most of all,for not hating you,which I know I should……”HyukJae can felt DongHae pull him more closed to his embraced,buried his face on HyukJae’s neck.

“But I just can’t cause whatever you do to me if only make me fall in love with you more.Even though you break me apart,made me cried again and again”HyukJae ran his hand on DongHae’s wet hairs,his other hand going up and down on DongHae’s back”Even after you rape me and you don’t had any clue about it I still love you….I love you.I've always loved you. I love you more and more everyday, if it's even possible to love someone that much.”

“I don’t deserve you”

“If you don’t deserve me then who will?”

DongHae lisfted his face up for a very first time their eyes met”I’m sorry”DongHae kissed HyukJae’s forehead”I’m sorry….sorry for everything,for every single tears”DongHae kissed the tears away from HyukJae’s face”I’ve made for you”With the tip of his nose DongHae’se caressing HyukJae’s face”You know that your world would be easier if you just forget about me and then go find a nice boy who wouldn’t hurt you”Their face only an inches away from each other.

HyukJae smiled”Because I love you and it wouldn’t my world without you in it”

DongHae smiled a very first smiled he had after everything in his life seems to be up side down,he bring his faced closed to HyukJae’s a lips touched another lips,it was just a lips touched the way the told each other how they love each other enjoying the soft and warm feeling from each other lips.

HyukJae can’t stopped running his hand on DongHae’s hairs while he tilted his head aside while slowly moving his lips it didn’t took a long time when DongHae started to responded to his moving lips.

Tongue rubbing making a wet sounded all over the room,hands that can get enough of each other skin.

DongHae slipped one of his hand inside HyukJae’s shirt caressing the skin that he can’t get enough of it,one of his leg slipped between HyukJae’s legs letting the other man rubbing his groin,lips still locked each other.

“Hae”HyukJae said more liked moaned after pulling out from their hot,dirty kissed taking a deep breath but still rubbing his groing on DongHae’s leg.

“Hmm”DongHae’s fingertips already teasing HyukJae’s hard nipples,lips sticking on HyukJae’s neck sucking hard.

“Mmhh…you need to lay….ahn…down”

DongHae chuckled”You are the one who need to be laid,baby”DongHae pinched HyukJae’s nipple putting it between his fingers and pulling it kinda hard his other hand sneaked between HyukJae’s legs giving a good squeezed on HyukJae’s bulge”You hard alright”DongHae whispered right on HyukJae’s ear,he took HyukJae’s earlobe pulling it between his teeth.

Before DongHae could do anything else HyukJae pushed him so he was lying on his back on the bed”You need to lay down”HyukJae said seriously but with a teasing smirk and red blushing cheeks on his face.

DongHae gave him a smug smiled,putting both of his hand on the back of his head”I will lay down alright if you start to putting a show for me”

HyukJae slowly crawling on to of DongHae he straddling the brunette”I don’t think we should do this”HyukJae suddenly said”Your condition it’s still kinda bad”

DongHae suddenly sat up but HyukJae gently pushed him back to laid down”You just teasing me right?”DongHae eyeing HyukJae curiously.

HyukJae with both of his hand pressed on DongHae’s bare chest pretending to thinking”Maybe~it depends on how hard you are”He cupped DongHae’s hard erection through the towel making DongHae groaned and bucking his hips at the same time”Looks like you are ready to play”HyukJae whisperd lowly and seductively,he leaned down to bit a pieced of DongHae’s neck skin leaving a visible marked to see by people,DongHae hissed”Gently baby”He said while trying to undressing HyukJae,another bit on the skin on the junction on is neck and shoulder this time DongHae can felt HyukJae’s teeth digging on him when he tried to pry HyukJae from it  was just getting worst cause HyukJae yanking his skin.

“Baby!”DongHae groaned

“What”HyukJae was playing an innocent”It was a part of the show,I’m marking you”HyukJae slowly opened his shirt off showing a much more skin for DongHae to see.

DongHae smirked”Marking me?I thought you are not a jealous type”

HyukJae pouted”I’m not but what’s mine”He leaned closed on front of DongHae’s face”Is mine”He capture DongHae’s lips sucking his lowered lips before going down to kissed his chin,a softed peck placed on the previously mark that he made on DongHae’s neck.When it came on the board  chest HyukJae gave a light kisses all over it,made it kinda wet from his saliva the tip of his tounge kept teasing the hard nipple he circle it the sking around the nipple before deciding to gave a little bit of bite on the tip of DongHae’s nipple.

It was hurt but the hurt that made you wanted more and more”Babe…use your tongue”DongHae said almost breathless.

HyukJae do as he said using his tongue around the nipples giving a couple of licked and suck with his lips”This”HyukJae’s hand sneak to his jeans button and zipper”should off”He unbutton his jeans rolling his hips right on DongHae’s groin made his erection and HyukJae’s ass rubbed together.

“Damn it!”HyukJae pry HyukJae’s hand off his jeans and eagerly ripped his jeans and boxer off from HyukJae”Suck me,make me wet”

HyukJae smirked,he slowly lowered his body until his head right in front of DongHae’s hard cock giving one last teasing looked on DongHae,HyukJae speard DongHae’s legs wider.His tounge landed right on DongHae crotch giving a full open mouth licked lapping at the warm skin.

“Ohhh shit!shitshit!”DongHae closed his eyes tried to enjoy every time HyukJae licked or sucked his skin down there.

The long fingers found his way to DongHae’s balls rolling it between his fingers and then cupped it,HyukJae caressing each ball before kissing each one of them then put one of it inside his mouth sucking it while lightly chewing it with the tip of his teeth.

HyukJae held DongHae’s cock firmly giving a steady stroke on it made DongHae felt a double pleasure,a precum started to leaking from the tip of DongHae’s cock HyukJae gave it a licked on the tip,he didn’t put the whole cock inside his mouth he only lick the tip of DongHae’s cock over and over again.

“Fuck!Hyukkie….Fuck stop it!”DongHae gently pulling HyukJae’s head by his hairs.

But instead let go of DongHae’s cock HyukJae put it in inside his mouth sucking the hard cock long and hard.

“Hyukkie!”DongHae groaned,he was on the edge of cumming if HyukJae keep sucking him hard like that,he didn’t wanted to cum now,he wanted to cum inside HyukJae.DongHae yanking HyukJae’s hairs to get his attention”Enough baby”

HyukJae pouted,he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand”I still want to play”

“Let me play this time,let me make you wet”

“Ehhmm”HyukJae slowly crawling back on the top of DongHae’s body,rubbing his leaking hard cock all the way up on the every single skin DongHae had”Are you gonna make me feel good too?”He rubbed his cock right on DongHae’s abs.

“Good and wet”DongHae sneaked his hand between HyukJae’s legs,caressing his crotch”Come here”DongHae patted his chest still laying down on his back.

HyukJae followed,he sat up right on DongHae’s chest his hard cock only inches from DongHae’s mouth”Would you like to suck me?”HyukJae innocent tone and red blushing face was a big contradiction when all he do was stroking himself in front of DongHae’s face.

“Better than,that.Spread your ass legs for me”

He stop his stroking,eyes suddenly going wide showing his real innocent side”Wh…why?”

“Didn’t you want me to make you good and wet?Spread that legs!”

Shyly HyukJae do spread his legs.”Good”DongHae’s hand going up and down on HyukJae’s thigh”Now spread that ass for me,Don’t ask why!just do it for me”

Bitting his lower lips he reached his butt cheeks and spread it wide for DongHae.

DongHae leaned closed to HyukJae’s pink tight hole blowing a hot air into it,he chuckled”I don’t even touching it yet but your hole already clenching for my blowing air”DongHae once again blowing an air into it.

“Ahhhn”HyukJae moaned softly.

DongHae smirked”Stay still”He said before he bit those white butt cheeks living a teeth mark on it,his tongue found HyukJae’s tight hole and tried to made a way inside.


The warm,wet tongue kept rubbing the walls inside trying to found a dead spot.DongHae would pushed and pulled back his head so the tongue would ram deep and hard into the tight hole,making it all wet inside.

“Ahh…..nngghh….Hae..ahhnn”When HyukJae looked down he only can saw DongHae’s mop of brunette hairs and his head kept being moving—pushing and pulling inside and out HyukJae’s hole.

“Hahnn…nnnhhh…ohh God…..Hae…ahhnn…deeper..ahhnn”All HyukJaw wanted to do was ran his hand through DongHae’s hairs but he can’t,he must stayed still so all he do was thighten his gripped on his own butt cheeks”Aaahhh……oohh Fuck”HyukJae was a moaning mess he can’t take it anymore he threw himself on the top of DongHae’s body,his head resting right on DongHae’s groin facing the hard,throbbing of DongHae’s cock.

Without thinking anything HyukJae bit the base of DongHae’s hard cock and he can felt—he can felt how the tongue inside his hole wiggle and thrusting deeper inside of him.

Only using his mouth HyukJae tried to took DongHae’s cock inside his mouth once again,he only can put the base of the cock between his mouth.He nibble the skin pulling it slightly with his front teeth made DongHae groaned and pushing his tongue even more deeper.

“Hmmm….ahhnn…ahhn…nnnhh”HyukJae kept sucking the cock base everytime he tried to lifted his head up to took the whole cock inside his mouth Donghae would flipped his tongue inside his hole touching the prostate again and again,it made HyukJae throwing his head back.The more DongHae teasing HyukJae’s hole and abused his prostate the more hard HyukJae sucking the base of his cock,he even bite and nibble the skin meat of the junction of DongHae’s cock and balls.

“Hyukkie up”DongHae immediately pulling HyukJae to a sitting position,making HyukJae yanking on his cock skin.

When HyukJae sat up he was still daze,DongHae lifted his body up a little so HyukJae’s hole will be right for his cock entrance.

DongHae sat up his back against the headboard”Come on,baby”He rubbed yhe tip of his cock on HyukJae’s wet hole,DongHae’s saliva still dripping out from it”Swallow my cock”

“Ennggg….haa…ahhnn”HyukJae slowly lowered his body taking DongHae’s cock inside his tight hole.

“Ahh….nnhh….ahhn”He bit his lower lips feeling the thick meeat spreading his tight hole so wide”Ahhn….ahhh….ah..ah”HyukJae was panting hard,he stop when DongHae’s cock was halfed inside him.

“DongHae!”HyukJae shouted when DongHae suddenly pushing all of his cock inside him,didn’t even wait for HyukJae to adjust first he gave a hard thrusted again and again,hand grabbed a hand full of HyukJae’s ass,teeth yanking into HyukJae’s nipple.


“What?Harder?”DongHae smirked while giving one hard thrusted.

“Ahhhh….gghhnnn”HyukJae threw his head back,arching his back high,his hard nipples brushing right into DongHae’s making a good and wet friction.

“Agghhaiinn….hhhaaa…ahhnn….hae…more…opppa…oh…more”HyukJae knew how DongHae loved being called oppa by him.

“Make me feel….oohhh….ahhn…good”HyukJae licked DongHae’s ear nibble the lobe”Ahhnn….anndd…oohh…ahhnn…wet..ah…so…hhn…wet..oppa”

DongHae thrusted became more and more hard hitting the prostate again and again,the hands that gripping HyukJae’s ass became more and more tight squeezing the ass cheeks.

“Give me…ahhnn….every inch…ngghhh…ahh…of that big thing….ahhnn”HyukJae fingers curling on DongHae’s hairs he was closed.

“Fuck it to…ahhnn…hah…me…ohh…fuck it to me…ahhn…hard oppa….nngghh”DongHae ddint change his pace it only became more rough.

HyukJae tried to reach his own cock giving it a hard and fast strokes.

“Ahhnnn…oppa….oppaa….hhaa….I’m cumming…ahnnn”

“Come oppa wanna see it.”DongHae said while kept thrusting hard and deep.

“Ahhhnn…ah….fuck…haee..ahhnnn..oh”HyukJae spill his cum all over DongHae’s abs,buried his face on DongHae’s shoulder clung into him so tight.

“Shit!shitshitshit”DongHae can felt HyukJae’s hole clenching so hard around his cock refused to let go of his cock”Fuck!Fuck Hyukkie”

“Come Hae”HyukJae low,softed voiced right on his ear his hand ran through his brunette hairs”I know you want to fill me”HyukJae deliberately clenching his hole so it became more tight.

“DongHae bit HyukJae’s nipple giving a couple of hard thrusted before he finally fill HyukJae’s hole with his warm seed.


HyukJae put his chin on the top of DongHae’s head,fingers digging into DongHae’s brunette hairs caressing the operation mark on his scalp still feeling guilty about it.

“Babe,why don’t you stop caressing it”DongHae voiced was muffled cause he buried his face on HyukJae’s chest,hand wrap around HyukJae’s body”You can caressing something else other than that”He took HyukJae’s other hand guide it to his already softed cock.Everytime he talked his lips would brushing on HyukJae’s skin.

“DongHae!”HyukJae yelp when his fingers touched DongHae’s cock,he swatted DongHae’s hand away.

“What?”He looked up playing innocent with a pouted”It’s just a mark,nothing good about a mark,an operation mark”

HyukJae sighed”I made that mark,because of me you got that.I’m sorry you shouldn’t get that but I made you got it”

DongHae smiled,he gave a softed pecked on HyukJae’s lips”I deserve it”He support his body with his elbows so he was eye level with HyukJae”It’s a reminder for not being a jerk fish brain for you again.”DongHae took a deep breath staring right into HyukJae’s eyes”Tou are my friend,my love and my soulmate.Would you stay forever with me?became the first person I see when I open my eyes in the morning and the last person I see when I closed my eyes at night”

HyukJae still putting his hand at DongHae’s head didn’t stopped caressing the marked on it,eyes became teary but a happy smiled appeared on his faced.

“I’m gonna sell this damn curse house”

HyukJae giggle when he heard that,he knew exactly why DongHae called this placed cursed.

“And then buy me a nice house not too close with the city with a little white fence,a nice front yard so we can have a dog and a big back yard with a nice big pool where our kids can play in the summer.”HyukJae smiled,one happy tears leaked out from his eyes.

DongHae grinned he liked HyukJae idea”I give you anything you want in the world”DongHae wipe the tears away with his thumb”If you say yes to me.Lee HyukJae,God made us to be together forever”DongHae sat up straight he took both of HyukJae’s hands held it tight”We have a same family name so when you became my wife you don’t have to change your last name.That’s how God pairing us”

HyukJae laughed.

“So say yes,please”

“Yes?Yes,for what?”HyukJae asked smilling so bright more tears of happiness.

DongHae took another deep breath”Lee HyukJae will you marry me?stay forever with this fish brain?”

HyukJae smiledhe leaned his face closed to DongHae’s”You don’t have to gave me anything,I only need your love”He gave a sweet pecked on DongHae’s lips”And even though you are a fish brain I love you…I love you so much till it’s get me drunk”He gave another sweet pecked.

“Yes…Lee DongHae marry me please”


Ps:I’m sorry for being so lazy lately(bow)…….I know it’s been a weeks since SS4 Singapore but I’m still on high of it.HyukJe,yes that HyukJae he pointing at me twice and then blowing a kissed for me(and then I die).Audrey and Enma was so jealous of me(Evil laugh),it was the most awesome concert I have ever since hope they will bring SS4 to Perth.

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Bigger boy and Stolen Sweetheart(3B/4)

Chapter 3B:

It was night when he finally reaching Kangwondo after a nonstop driving from Seoul,DongHae didn’t even knew HyukJae’s grandmother’s address but this was a small town everybody knew everybody in this kind of town,the first person he asked gave him a direction and it was right but the housed was empty,nobody at home.DongHae drove for about 200 meter until he found a small diner placed,the neighbor next door said HyukJae’s grandmother had a diner and both of them was in there working

He parked his car,didn’t immediately went out from his car he observed the placed tried to catched if this was a right place or if HyukJae was inside the diner.He stepped out from his car,there’s a “Sorry we’re closed” sign on the door,DongHae tried to pushed the door it was locked so he tried to knocked on the glass door.

A young girl suddenly appears behind the glass door,she pointing the closed sign on the door”Sorry”She mouthing.

“No…no…no”DongHae shouted outside the door tried to stopped the girl”I’m looking for someone,can you please open the door for me?”

The girl tilted her head aside,she raised her point finger and mouthing”Stay”and then she was gone inside the diner,DongHae couldn’t saw her.

“Damn!”He said but DongHae didn’t moved he do what the young girl told him,stay in his placed leaning his back to the glass door behind him,a minuted later a familiar voiced reached his ears”Can I help you?”

DongHae fastly turned around and right on the other side behind the glass door there was HyukJae standing right in front of him,DongHae only waving and gave him a softed smiled.

HyukJae on the other side can’t help but smiled,a big wide smiled on his face while he unlocking the door for DongHae.

“Hai”That’s the very first word that coming out from DongHae’s mouth after months and months didn’t saw him,still standing outside the diner both of his hands inside his pocket coat.

HyukJae was just standing there staring at DongHae with a wide smiled,he had a mixed feeling inside him right now didn’t even believed DongHae was here right in front of him halfed of his heart was happy knowing that DongHae still care,and he already put down his wall to came all the here to said he was sorry for everything he did to HyukJae.

HyukJae wanted to thought that maybe…just maybe DongHae still wanted to be with him and fixed everything between them,telling him that they still can worked everything out but he wipe all of that thoughts he had enough with this guy,he needed to stopped his wishfull thinking cause he believed he deserved someone better than DongHae.HyukJae even didn’t believed that he will ending up with someone else’s heart except for DongHae but he was reaching his own limit,so enough it’s enough.

“Wanna come in?”He said to DongHae.

DongHae just smiled and stepped inside the diner.

A moment latter DongHae already sat on one of the chair in the diner waiting for HyukJae to came out from the kitchen,it’s just the two of them,before HyukJae already introducing DongHae to his grandma they had a little nice talked but the old lady knew the two of them needed some spaced so she excused herself.Before she left her own diner she hugged HyukJae tight,kissed his forehead and gave a meaning smiled”Do whatever that will make you happy”She said.

“Sorry for making you wait but here’s your dinner”HyukJae put a spaghetti meetballs plate in front of DongHae”This is the only thing we got in the kitchen”he also put a cup of hot tea next to the plate.

“Thank you”DongHae said he started to digging his late dinner,it was quiet between DongHae and HyukJae no one spoke to the other,HyukJae just sitting there and watched DongHae eat.

“You look tired”HyukJae said,he put his chin on his right hand.

DongHae swallowed his last spoon of his dinner and chuckled”got trouble sleeping”

HyukJae smiled,he suddenly reached something onto DongHae’s cheek”You got something”He said while wiping a traced of sauce on DongHae’s cheek.

“So,how’s Jessica?”HyukJae suddenly asked just wanted to made the whole ‘I’m sorry’ processed more fasted and ended his pain inside cause no matter how hard he told his heart to stopped beating so fast it can’t,he even tried to convinced himself that he didn’t love DongHae no more but the more he convinced himself the more he realized that he just can’t stop loving DongHae.

DongHae took both of HyukJae’s hands held it tight”She was crazy and I’m scared of her and I’m over her”

HyukJae was staring right into DongHae’s eyes and saw something that he never saw before a love,a sincere and a million warm emotion that HyukJae can’t defined.He didn’t even knew what to said when he heard DongHae told him about that,happy?his answer was beyond but that doesn’t mean we will just let the matters slipping away.

“Why—why are you in here?”It was hard to found a words or anything to said after hearing the new information about DongHae.

“I want to meet you”DongHae tighten his held on HyukJae’s hands”The two of us have been through so much together and I just….”DongHae stopped for a while looking straight into HyukJae’s eyes”God,I really miss you”

HyukJae smiled,he pulled his hands from DongHae’s held”You don’t miss me you just bored”A same smiled still appeared on his faced.

DongHae was startled when he heard that,a shocked and frown was showed in his faced”Hyuk—“

Before he can even finished his sentenced HyukJae already said something”You just need me.Need me to do,to get whatever you want to get and then when you found me missing and your little happy land seems to crumpling around you that’s when you are looking for me,just to fix every little mess that you had made.It’s always like that since we are kid,no wonder HeeChul-hyung hate you so much”HyukJae chuckled.

“No,listen to me”DongHae tried to held HyukJae’s but HyukJae slapping it away.

“No!you”He pointing his finger to DongHae”Listen to me!”his voiced was raised”You don’t have any idea what I’ve been through just so you can give me a little spaced in your heart”HyukJae’s voiced was shaking by now”I shed tears for you for a millions times in my life but I still care for you,when you ignore me for something that I didn’t even knew what the reason is but I’m but still long for you.When you falling in love and it breaks my heart and yet I still manage to smile and find a courage to say’I’m happy for you’”He looked down to the table,trying hard not to let his tears fall.

“I love you”DongHae said softly but enough to HyukJae to heard.

Suddenly HyukJae snapped his head up and gave DongHae a hard slapped on his faced”Don’t you dare to said you love me now!”And once again another hard slapped on the other cheeks.DongHae just sat there,in front of HyukJae taking all the hard slapped the other gave it to him.

“If you want me in your life,put me there!I shouldn’t have to fight for a spot for a jerk like you!I shouldn’t!”This was a very first time DongHae heard HyukJae shouting”You said you miss me?Do you really miss me?I mean truly,aching in the bottom of your heart pain,which you just can’t ignore?”

This time DongHae lifted his faced up,facing HyukJae.His cheeks was burning cause the hard slapped”That’s how I feel,every single day.Everytime I wake up in the middle of the nights and it always hits me,that there wasn’t anyone who loved me as much as you love me”

HyukJae suddenly stood up from his chair”Get out!”He said firmly through his glassy eyes.

“Something else changed you,what was it?Cause love does not just disappear”DongHae said while standing up facing HyukJae”I’m not leave until you tell me what changed?why you turn your back on me,on us.”

HyukJae once again raised his hand,suddenly feeling so angry with the situation and all he wanted to do just slapping DongHae pretend to be innocent faced,so he did that and hard“You just didn’t know me at all,so shut up!Now get out,leave me alone!”

“I love you”DongHae still trying after he got another hard slap”come back to me”

“I’m losing faith in you and I’m so over with everything you said to me!getting over you was the thing that I was happy about it!Get out!”

Before DongHae stepping out from the diner he faced HyukJae for one last ime,reaching to his cheek”If you ever need me,I’m here”He said softly,his thumb softly caressing HyukJae’s skin”Always”


His eyes was red,swollen and puffy the next morning but he didn’t wanted to talked about it to everyone.His grandma was worried but the old lady knew it was better to just shut her mouth and let HyukJae handle everything,even though from her point of view what HyukJae do was just a waste of time and only hurting himself.

“Baby”She said when HyukJae cleaned one of the table”You can just rest at home if you want”She ran her fingers through HyukJae’s hairs.

“No,I’m fine”HyukJae gave a reassuring smiled,his voiced was hoarse.

“If you said so”His grandma kissed him on the forehead and went away to the front table.That’s when he saw a black car parked on the diner,HyukJae’s eyes get widen when he saw who just stepping out from the car.His eyes followed every moved that the person made until finaly the other one stepped inside the diner.

HyukJae’s grandma greet him,the two of them talked,HyukJae can saw that they had a little good time.Grandma gave a softly patted on DongHae’s shoulder she even tidy up DongHae’s coat,they hugged each other,HyukJae saw his grandma whispering something to DongHae that made DongHae smiled that’s when DongHae turned around and gave a softed smiled to HyukJae while waving lighty at him and HyukJae just stood there didn’t even moved a bit.

His grandma walked DongHae outside,he gave her a kissed on the cheeks and one last hugged before finally he stepped inside his car and drove away.The moment DongHae’s car drove away from the parking lot HyukJae fastly ran to his grandma who still standing outside”Is he go?”

The old lady smiled”Yes,he said he needed to went back to Seoul”


“He didn’t said why he needed to go”

“Is he talking about me?”

The old lady chuckled”No,he didn’t honey.He just said that he wished he can stayed longer that’s all”

Somehow HyukJae felt sad,DongHae said he loved him but that’s it a little rejection and then he ran away not even tried hard for a second time.But isn’t he the one who told DongHae to left him alone and telling him that he already over him but now seeing DongHae walked away just like that made him this kind of feeling that he didn’t even can’t explain.


It was raining hard on the highway when DongHae decide to drove away home,his mind was flying somewhere the burning on his cheeks was still there but his heart was even more burning than his cheeks.He decide to pull over his car,he leaned his forehead to the steering wheel listening to sound of the water falling hard from the sky”What have I done?”

He took his cell phone from his pocket and dial a number.

“Yeah?”The other line said.

“Hyung”DongHae said with a polite soft voiced still leaning his forehead on the steering wheel”It’s me”

“Fish brain?”

DongHae chuckled”Yes,sorry for bothering you in the rush hour like this but I need to tell you something”

HeeChul on the other line rolled his eyes,he knew what DongHae wanted to said”Yes..yes cut the shit off,give the phone to HyukJae let me talk to him”

DongHae chuckled”You are right hyung”DongHae sighed”He didn’t want me.He move on and he hate me,just like what you said to me”

“Wha—What?”HeeChul was shouted and choked on the same time when he heard this,how can his HyukJae do that.All his life all HeeChul knew was HyukJae only loved Lee DongHae the fish brain and here he was hearing his little brother hating someone and move on from this fish brain.

“We had a talked yesterday and he said he didn’t want me and he wanted me to left him alone,well basicly he said everything that you already said to me before and I deserve that and—is this a punishment from God for me,for being a jerk?”

“God doesn’t punish people for being in love”Somehow HeeChul knew what DongHae had been through”And you are not a jerk you just trying so hard to be one.”

DongHae chuckled”Thank you,wow I’m feeling so honored that the one and only Kim HeeChul-ssi gave me a compliment.”

“Shut up!you still a fish brain!”

“Thank you”DongHae suddenly said”Thank you for everything and I’m sorry for being a stupid,fish brain jerk who had been playing with your little brother’s heart but now I pay the price for that”

“Where are you?”

“On the way home”

“Did you love him?”

“Yes”Even though HeeChul can’t see DongHae’s faced he knew he said that for real.

“If you love someone you didn’t walk away just like that,you fight for him”

“I promise,aren’t I?if he didn’t want me to be in his life I’ll leave just like what he wanted,I don’t wanna push him.He already hate me,I don’t wanna make him hating me more than this.And he deserve someone better than me,please take a good care for him”

HeeChul can’t even said one single words,his not good with an emotional thing like this so he just pressed the end button and it’s not because he hate DongHae or something like that,he just didn’t wanted DongHae to knew if he was sad on the inside.Thinking this two people just hurting themselves even more.


Bitting his nail HyukJae can’t stopped looking at his watch,he wanted to cried,he kept blaming himself for whatever just happened that day.It was happening with a sudden phone called from his hyung back in seoul on the afternoon.

“DongHae got an accident”

After hearing that information HyukJae didn’t even remembered other things that his hyung said to him,he was shocked feeling all of his body limp.

“ he okay?”He asked with a shaking voiced.

“I don’t know but I think it’s bad”

“Pick me up on the train station I’m on my way back to Seoul”

And now HyukJae already sat on the train,a thousand bad thought running on his mind,no he didn’t wanted to loss DongHae.A big regret filling his mind about all the bad things he said to DongHae.

“Please be okay for me,Hae”He prayed.


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Bigger boy and Stolen Sweetheart(3A/3B)

Chapter 3A:

DongHae had been lying on his bed pressing his cell phone right on his ear,hearing a softed voiced from the other line over and over again.

“Leave a message and I’ll call you back”

He kept replying it,everytime the voicemail ended DongHae will dial HyukJae’s number again and hearing the voicemail speaked over and over agin,he even didn’t left any messaged to HyukJae,knowing that he will never-ever called him back.

The moment HyukJae left him and never came back again his life had been up side down,he was ruin without him.It started with DongHae had a huge fought with Jessica,he wanted her to just left him and ended the secret affair between them,but Jessica didn’t liked the idea so she kept screaming and yelling at DongHae,she started to open up all the things DongHae had promised to her before HyukJae left,DongHae promised to broke up with HyukJae and marry her.The brunette already saying sorry to her cause he didn’t think when he said something like that,but Jessica just can’t shut her mouth,the big fought ending with DongHae slapped her hard right on the face cause she kept bad mouthing about HyukJae and DongHae didn’t like it.

She did left DongHae’s placed but she didn’t actually leaving DongHae alone cause after that she filed a lawsuit to DongHae and started to barking to the press about his affair with DongHae behind HyukJae’s back,how DongHae promised to marry her and HyukJae left DongHae because he knew the truth about their secret relationship and DongHae abused her,she even made up some story.

DongHae didn’t even cared with everything she said and do,didn’t cared when the press started to judged him like a maniac,the only thing he cared about was to get HyukJae back to him.

All this time they stick together DongHae always thought HyukJae was nothing without him but he was wrong he was nothing without HyukJae.He needed to admit he still confused with his own feeling with HyukJae,still didn’t wanted to admit it that he was falling in love with his friend.But his head spoke different with his heart,the heart kept telling him that it was just a simple crush—a simple crush cause they had been stick together all this time and a sudden confession HyukJae do to DongHae.

But if that’s just a simple crush why he felt really miserable when HyukJae left him,to made it even worst he didn’t even knew where HyukJae was?

Sinced HyukJae’s father passed away and his mother decide to married with another guy both HeeChul and HyukJae separating themselves with their own family especially their mother and HyukJae didn’t talked a lot about his family maybe he did talked about his family the problem was DongHae never listening when HyukJae talked about his lifed,all he cared was just him and him alone.

Now,he realized how selfish he was back then.

“Leave a message and I’ll call you back”It was already more than a hundred times DongHae heard that sentenced over and over again but he never wanted to stopped to heard those softed,lovely sound of voiced right on his ear.This time he didn’t pressed the end button,he closed his eyes taking a moment to let out whatever he wanted to said,and he said”Please”DongHae said softly,he took a deept breath”Don’t fall in love with someone else”


“So,did you do well in there?Eat well?sleep well?feeling well?”HeeChul asked on the phone,he always took a time to called his little brother everyday to made sure HyukJae was fine and already move on and steady on his feet again without that stupid fish brain brunette.

“I’m not a baby Hyung!”

“Not answering my question!”

“Of course I’m doing well in here,I love in here with grandma”

HeeChul smiled,he can totally picture it that his baby bother pouting right now”You don’t miss me?and Hankyung?”

“I miss you,both of you”

“Then comeback here,you already make enough trouble in there”

“I don’t wanna”

“HyukJae it’s been a months since you run away!nobody talked about you in here!they already forget about it!”

“Can we not talking about this!you promise me that I can back in Seoul whenever I want to back!I don’t care if people already over it!I just want to be in here,I don’t see the point if I go back there,I already stop my career!”

Both HeeChul and HyukJae always talked about this over and over again,Heecul wanted HyukJae to came back home and stopped running away from his own problem but HyukJae always being stubborn he didn’t wanted to came back home,for whatever his own reason are.

“Give me a reason why I should let you stay there?”HeeChul tried to be as calm as he can be,cause he knew HyukJae too well the more he pushed his little brother the more HyukJae became a stubborn little brat.

“I like in here”

“Not enough!”

Both of the line silent,HyukJae tought for another good reason and HeeChul waiting for the reason.

“Nothing?”HeeChul was the one who breaking the silent,a victory smiled on his faced.

“I hate you!”HyukJae said sulkily then he hung up the phone.

“So?”Hankyung asked.

“He hate me”


He was telling the truth when he said he loved being in his grandma’s placed but there are other reason why he wanted to kept staying there.First he still not move on even though he said to his hyung he was over with DongHae it was just a lie,he still loved DongHae,second he just wanted to see if DongHae really care about him,if he was really care he will tried to found HyukJae.Even though DongHae didn’t loved him,even though he prefer Jessica over HyukJae but a simple sorry it’s more than enough for HyukJae.

HyukJae already accept that he needed to mentally stopped making up scenarios of DongHae and him being together,because in the end,he know he’ll be disappointed with the outcome.

It was out of the habit when suddenly HyukJae took his cell phone from his bedside table.Since he decide to left the spotlight and didn’t wanted to left any traced to DongHae he always turn off his phone but tonight he decide to just turning it on.He was kinda bored too cause his grandma didn’t even had a cable tv and internet,maybe he can catched up with the news and checked if his brother telling the truth about people already getting over with his news.

The cell phone already turning on but there isn’t any reception so he walk to his bedroom patio,trying to get any reception he wait for like a minute and a single bar of reception finally appear in his cell phone.A messages started to appear one by one HyukJae check it but none of it was from DongHae,next he check his voiced messages it was just some of an unimportant messages that HyukJae immediately erased,he didn’t needed to heard all those crap messages until the phone operator said”You’ve got voice messages from Mr.Fish”

HyukJae’s eyes suddenly widening.

“Press one if you want to hear—“

He didn’t wait untul the operator ended her sentenced he pressed number one on his cell,pressing his cell phone to his ear so he can listen to whatever messaged DongHae had left for him.For a minute there isn’t any sound coming up from the line,HyukJae started to thinking that DongHae was joking or maybe he was drunk when he left the messaged but suddenly a softed voiced spoke from the other line”Please”.

That was the first word HyukJae can heard,he pressed the cell phone more hard this time to his ear”Don’t fall in love with someone else”And then the line ended.

Even when the messaged already ended HyukJae still pressing his cell phone right to his ear,didn’t believed what he just heard.

“Press two if you want to listen to the messaged again”The operator said.

HyukJae pressed it and he heard the same thing he just listening a second ago,slowly he leaning his back to the wall behind him.Closing his eyes,tried to took a deep breath to calm himself down,tried to fought the tears that would leaked for any second just now.

“How could you!”HyukJae slowly slide down until he was sat on the floor back against the wall a small sobs escape from his mouth,tears started to running from his eyes.

HyukJae bit his lower lips to prevent the sobs that kept escaping from his mouth,everytime the tears leaked from his eyes he immediately wipe it off”How could you be so selfish!even after everything you had done to me!you still keep making a selfish wishes for me!who do you think you are!I had enough of you making me like your toy!so you can falling in love,be in love with everyone that you want but me I can’t do that!cause you told me not to falling in love with someone else except you!Who do you think you are?”

HyukJae buried his face in between his fold legs,slowly rocking his body back and front to calm himself down,hands gripping the material of his pajama pants so tight,he can’t believed this but there’s a small part in his heart that started to hated DongHae for everything that he had done to him.


“DongHae”A voiced called him with a waved of a hand.

DongHae smiled and walked to the man who had just called his name”Sorry,I’m late hyung”He sat right in front of the man”So?”

The other man kept up DongHae’s appearance”You didn’t look so good,are you sick?”

DongHae chuckled lightly”Just can’t sleep,so got any news?”

DongHae had been asking for a help to HyukJae’s manager,he wanted to know where HyukJae was and out of all people out there only this man that didn’t pointing his finger and judge DongHae for whatever he did.

“I got nothing”

DongHae sighed he knew it will always nothing”Didn’t he told about something?”

The other guy shrugged”You know HyukJae didn’t talk too much,DongHae he will come back”

“Yeah?but when?I need to see him now!I can’t just sit here and wait him to come back what if he never come here at all.”

The manager chuckled”If you want to meet him so bad,there is only one person can help you”


He didn’t belived it he was standing in this palced,after went round the whole blocks for like five times DongHae decide to stopped that and do what he needed to do,even though this was the placed he swear he never-ever wanted to stepped his foot again for the rest of his life.But this time he put that aside,whatever going to happen he deserved it cause his a jerk,he remind himself.He pressed the bell waiting in front of the door,in the back of his head he was hopping that no one at home right now so he can came back again tomorrow after a mental preparation.

But the door opened it was HyukJae’s brother in law when he saw DongHae standing in front of his door DongHae swore he had a smirked in his face,he leaned his back to the wall.Just as DongHae wanted to opened his mouth to said something the other guy shouted inside his housed”Babe,you’ve a visitor”After that he just kept looking DongHae,emotionless.

“Who is—“HeeChul stopped his sentenced when he saw DongHae standing there and Hankyung emotionless faced changed into slightly brighten,it’s liked his gonna watched an interesting showed in front of his eyes.

“Leave!”HeeChul said to DongHae didn’t even mind to asked DongHae why he was there,HeeChul turned around back facing DongHae he was just about to stepped inside his housed when DongHae pulled him at the shoulder and turned him to faced him again.

A sudden hard slapped landed on DongHae’s faced and his collar shirt being pulled”Didn’t you heard what I said!”HeeChul shouted”Leave!”The gripped on DongHae’s collar became more tight.

“Where is HyukJae?”DongHae asked as calmed as he can he was staring right into HeeChul’s eyes.

Another hard slapped on his faced”You don’t have to know where he was!Leave!”

“I’m not leaving until you tell me!”DongHae shouted.As much as DongHae tried his best to stay clamed but HeeChul kept pushing his buttons,he pushed HeeChul hard away from him  ready to returning the hard slapped HeeChul had been gave to him with everything he got.But Hankyung immediately pulled HeeChul away,the other man gave him a furious glared ready to killed DongHae if he lay even one single touched or finger on his mate.

HeeChul was struggling wanted to freed himself from his husband”Let me kill that fucking bastard!”

“I will let you kill the bastard if you calm down,okey”Hankyung talked to his wife but his eyes staring furiously to DongHae,watching every moved he made.

Hankyung kinda loose his held on HeeChul but suddenly HeeChul started to struggling again,tried to let go from his husband’s held but this time Hankyung held him for real”HeeChul!”He said his wife’s name with a firm tone.

“What do you want?”Hankyung asked DongHae,he was seriously curious with why the reason DongHae suddenly coming to his housed after all HyukJae already gone for months there must be a reason he show up now.

“HyukJae,I want to know—“

“Why do you wanna know!Leave my place now!”HeeChul shouted angrily from behind Hankyung’s back,the other still held him to stay still behind him”HeeChul”Hankyung warned him one more time and HeeChul shut his mouth up.

“Why?”Hankyung seriously eyeing DongHae.

DongHae didn’t seems to found the answer to the question”I…I just want to meet him”He said softly but enough to both HeeChul and Hankyung to heard what he said,his head hung low,eyes to the ground”I did something bad…..terribly bad to him—“

HeeChul didn’t let DongHae finished his sentenced“You rape him!you bastard!”HeeChul shouted while pointing his finger to DongHae if only Hankyung didn’t blocking and held him in the same time he will rip DongHae’s off until he was tearing into a pieces.

“That’s why I came here!”DongHae also shouted angrily to HeeChul”Cause I want to take a responsible for what I do to him!”

“You!”HeeChul pushed Hankyung aside and when his husband tried to do something he glared dangerously to him,this time Hankyung backing off”You treat my brother like a piece of toy!”He jabbing his finger into DongHae’s chest”You”Another hard jabbed on his chest”Don’t need to take a fucking responsibility!his not a fucking girl!now get lost before I skinned you!”HeeChul pushed DongHae hard and walked away.

“I need him”DongHae shouted it made HeeChul stopped his tracked and Hankyung was already leaning his back on the wall again watching them”I need him”

HeeChul chukled”Need?Do you think HyukJae is your fucking babysitter?who will always watching you around!”

DongHae ran his hand through his hairs feeling depressed he was out off the answer,why?why HeeChul always had a question that he didn’t had the answer”Without him I was…”He lost for a words for a moment”It’s just everything destroy without him”

Another evil chuckled coming out from HeeChul’s mouth”Glad to know that my little baby bother can destroying you,I suppose that was my job before”

“Destroying me won’t make you happy!”

HeeChul fold his hand to his chest”Happier!”HeeChul once again turned around”Leave!”

DongHae was panic he just blew all his chances to get HyukJae back”Fine!”DongHae shouted hope he can stopped HeeChul”I knew HyukJae love me and he can’t live without me!”Hearing that HeeChul stopped walking away and Hankyung was laughing thinking that his wife might killed DongHae in any seconds.

“I know he was crying for me right now cause he miss me!”DongHae saw HeeChul turned around facing him with a mad expression in his faced ready to skinned him alived”And you!”He pointing to HeeChul”You just too afraid if he meet me again!”HeeChul getting closer to DongHae”If he back in my arms again and leaving you forever”Just as he finished his sentenced this time not a slapped but a punched landed on his faced.

“Fuck you!”HeeChul grabbed DongHae’s collar,Hankyung was already ran to his wife and DongHae,as much as he enjoyed his wife being furious with some else other than him he didn’t wanted to sent him to a prison because killing someone.

“I love him”DongHae said just a moment before HeeChul gave him another hard punched,DongHae wipped a blood from the corner of his mouth”Fuck responsibility!That’s just my reason cause I’m too afraid to admit that I’m falling in love with HyukJae,never knew it will be this hurt when I’m losing him.I thought love was a game and I’m hurting the one I love with my own game,I never realize this until he was gone in front of my eyes”

HeeChul released his gripped on DongHae’s collar,he hate this boy in front of him,he hate him so much until it gets under his skin but standing in front of him now wasn’t the arrogant boy he knew.In front of him now was just a boy who realized he was falling in loved,a boy who finally knew what love is really mean to him and HeeChul hate to admit it that he felt sorry for this boy but at the same time he wanted to killed him.

“It’s just too bad that it took losing him to make me figure it out”DongHae said.

“You’ve got nothing!”HeeChul said tone cold”He was over you!Forever!”

“One chance”DongHae pleading to HeeChul”Just give me one chance to meet him,to say that I love him”

“No!”It was a short answer from HeeChul he still didn’t wanted to lowered his wall.

“Why?Why you never-ever give me a chance?”

“Cause you didn’t deserve a chance!you ruin everything that is in your hand!”

“I just want to hear it from him,if he hate me,if he didn’t want me forever in his life I’ll go,I’ll leave him for the rest of his life,I promise I’ll never-ever bother his life anymore,I’ll not show my faced to him forever.One chance”

HeeChul knew this was a gambling,but he also knew that his brother was miserable without this fish brain but he also a human who had a heart.

“Listen to me”HeeChul gripped DongHae’s collar and pulled him closed to him”I didn’t belived in second chances,one chance!”

DongHae nodded.

“If he hate you and wanted you to be gone from his life!you do as he said!”

“I do as he said!”

“Kangwondo,his in our grandma’s housed!”HeeChul pushed him away from him.

DongHae didn’t knew what to said except”Thank you”He said with a big grinned in his face.

“DongHae”That was Hankyung’s voiced


Just when he was turning around suddenly a hard punched landed on his faced”That’s for being a jerk!”Hankyung said.

DongHae spit out the blood from his mouth,he was slow standing up.But he can only stood up for a second when a second punched landed on his faced again.

“Damn it!”DongHae cursed,spit a blood again.

“That’s for shouting,pushing and bad mouthing to my wife”Hankyung gave his hand to DongHae.

DongHae eyed him suspiciously before taking his hand”Are you done?”He asked.

“Yeah”Hankyung smiled,he helped DongHae got up.Wipe the dust that get into DongHae’s coat and then gave DongHae another punched.This time it was harder than the two,it made DongHae black out for a second,he was just lying on the ground”And that’s for raping my brother”This time HeeChul who spoke to him.


When DongHae already left their’s house Hankyung asked his wife”Why?”

“Why,what?”HeeChul asked him back,he was facing his husband.

“Why are you telling him?I thought you hate him so much”

HeeChul smiled”His not a jerk,he was just trying so hard to be one.”

Hankyung chuckled”Never saw you change opinion for someone before”

“Now you already see it”HeeChul said smugly”He was just unsure with his own feeling and beside HyukJae happy with him,and that’s all the matter for me”

“What if you are wrong?”

HeeChul linked his hands to his husband’s neck”I’m always right”

Hankyung laughed lightly,he linked his hands on his wife’s waist pulling him closer”Even if you are wrong you are—“

“Always right”They said the last part together.


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Bigger boy and Stolen Sweetheart(2/3)

Chapter 2/3

Chapter A:

“I can’t come to the phone now but leave a message”The other line said that.

HyukJae sighed”Hey,Hyung….it’s me,just wanna say I’m fine and merry early Christmas so….call me or text me or anything you want if you have time…bye,I love you”He pressed the end button.

It had been a months since he moved out to DongHae’s placed and he lose contact with his Hyung or to put it right,his Hyung didn’t wanted to had any kind of contact with him but HyukJae still calling him and texting him even though HeeChul would never reply it.

Leaving with DongHae was fine,well—at first it was awkward cause HyukJae leaving in the placed were supposed to be DongHae and his now fiancée,Jessica’s traced was everywhere around the house.HyukJae must admit that he was hate it but there’s nothing he can do about that.They slept in the different room but weeks after that DongHae seek inside HyukJae’s room and begging him to slept in the same bed with him.The reason he used was they are a couple now and couple slept together in the same bed,and the other reason was just because HyukJae can’t said no to whatever DongHae wanted from him.

Every night DongHae kept blabbering about Jessica even though he was sleeping on the same bed with HyukJae and curentually cuddling with him,HyukJae forced to heard all of it.DongHae still kept calling Jessica or texted her,somehow he still trying to kept contact her,and HyukJae—he never said a words about that,cause he knew this relationship is just another game from DongHae.

With or without Jessica cameback to DongHae this relationship will end somehow,and he was the only one who had a heart broken again.

But a week ago DongHae suddenly stopped calling or texting Jessica,he even changed the locked of his housed,threw any stuff that had linked to Jessica and their past relationship.

HyukJae asked him”Why?”and DongHae said”It was stupid thing to do,chasing her,it’s not worth of my time”He said with a big smiled on his faced.

After that DongHae insisted that they should went public,told everyone about their relationship,at fist HyukJae didn’t like the idea of them going out in public.HyukJae had this thought that DongHae only do this to showed off to his ex that he already move on and he fine without her but DongHae kept pressing HyukJae made an excused”If we didn’t tell people we are in a relationship then it will be many man jumping after you!I don’t like that!”

Even though HyukJae knew it was just another cliché DongHae made up for him to do whatever he wanted to do,in the end HyukJae followed what DongHae wanted him to do and of course he can’t said “NO” to DongHae.

The news flared up all over the country one of the hottest bachelor dating with one of the biggest superstar,actually public loved them cause they looked good together and the background they had,starting as a friend and then became a lover.

There’s a moment when HyukJae thought that maybe—maybe this was—what it was,him being with DongHae but he didn’t wanted to showed it or set a high hope about it.

“Hyuuuukkiiiee”DongHae called his “lover’s” name.


A footstep can be heard around the house and suddenly DongHae hugged HyukJae from the back”I’m tired”He nuzzled his face on HyukJae’s neck.

HyukJae chuckled”Then rest,I’ll tell you when dinner’s ready”

“Did you make the Christmas tree alone?”He lifted his face,putting his chin on HyukJae’s shoulder.


“But I thought we gonna do it together”He whined liked a little kid this time.

“You are too busy for that”

DongHae still needed to went to his officed even though it was Christmas eve and for this year HyukJae didn’t had any schedule until pasted new year cause DongHae wanted HyukJae at home for both Christmas and new year,he wanted them to spent a holiday together.

He tighten his held on HyukJae’s”I’m sorry about that,but I’m free now.We can do whatever you want me to do,so what do you want to do now?”



“Hyukkie,go take some rest”DongHae took a plate from HyukJae’s hand.

They had a special Christmas eve dinner with a couple bottles of wine and HyukJae had a low tolerance with alcohol even he just drank a couple of glass,now his face was all flushy and drowsy too.

“No,I’m fine”

“Hyukkie”DongHae said with a firm tone.

HyukJae sighed”Okey”HyukJae said and left to their bedroom.


After brushing his teeth and changing into a night clothes,HyukJae sat on the edge of the bed his back facing the door he massaging his own neck and shoulder to get rid of the drowsiness the alcohol made.

“Hey”DongHae lowly voiced reached his ear from behind,his warm breath ghosting all over HyukJae’s neck”Let me do it for you”He started to massaging HyukJae’s neck.Hands rubbing the neck down to the shoulder,HyukJae shifting feeling awkward.

“Better?”DongHae whispered on HyukJae’s ear,licked it with the tip of his tounge.

HyukJae held his gasped”Ye…yeah”His voiced was shaking”It’s better,we should sleep now”

“Mmmmhhh~”DongHae’s lips now already on HyukJae’s nape bitting it softly”I want to do it longer”He kissed the nape the his lips went to HyukJae’s side neck giving a softed kissed,then licked it.

“Aahhh”HyukJae gasped”Stop!Hae”HyukJae pushed DongHae’s head away from his neck.

DongHae did stopped he tilted HyukJae’s head so they can facing each other”Why?”

HyukJae’s face was bright red”We….you shouldn’t do it”He kept looking everywhere except DongHae’s eyes.

“Hey,look at me”DongHae cupped HyukJae’s face”I want to do it with you.You are my girlfriend and we are couple,it’s normal for a couple to do it”

“But….I’m not a girl!”If his face can get more bright it sure do.

DongHae chuckled”But you look like a girl”

HyukJae’s eyes widening and he was pouting”You look like a dolphin!”

DongHae grinned,he sure loved teasing HyukJae”I’m sorry”He pecked HyukJae’s lips,a softed but linger kissed on the lips.

HyukJae frozen he even didn’t blinked that was their first kissed,unconsciously he touched his lips”You just…”

DongHae chuckled”Yes,I’m just kissing you.Now,let ne do the work”He didn’t waited HyukJae to gave him an answer caused DongHae already leaning down and once again starting to kissing HyukJae’s neck this time he licked the white skin and sucked it hard nipping it,leaving a marked on his white skin,making HyukJae hissed.

His hands giving a slowed rubbed on HyukJae’s shoulder going down to rubbed the nipple which still covering with HyukJae’s night shirt,he ran his thumb to teasing the nipple feeling it was harden.DongHae slipped one hand inside the night shirt roaming his hand freely on the bare,smooth skin until his fingertips reached the already hard nipple.

“Ahn”HyukJae let out a small moan when DongHae’s fingertips teasing his hard nipples,he tilted his head aside to gave DongHae a better access to nipping his neck.

The brunette tilted HyukJae’s head to aside when he was done marking HyukJae’s neck all over it he placed his lips gently on HyukJae’s,slowly moving it tounge slipped out from his lips to licked HyukJae’s bottom lips at first HyukJae just stay still didn’t even moved or responded what DongHae did,he just closed his eyes thight,gripping the bed sheet tightly.

“Don’t you want to kiss me?”DongHae asked while eating HyukJae’s lips,his hands busied roaming under HyukJae’s shirt playing with the hard nipples.

HyukJae shook his head,he pushed DongHae lightly”We can’t”

“And,why is that?”DongHae leaned again to sucked HyukJae’s collarbone”Try”He kissed HyukJae’s chin,brought his face in front of HyukJae’s”to kiss me once”


“Just once”

HyukJae already lose with DongHae’s puppy eyes and pleading”Okey”He said softly”Close your eyes”HyukJae said,face burning red.

DongHae looked confused”Why?”

“I don’t wanna kiss you if you—“Before HyukJae can finished his line DongHae already closing his eyes,he pursed his lips like asking HyukJae to hurry and kissed him.

HyukJae took a deep breath he leaned closed to DongHae and slowly,softly he placed his lips on him,no one moved their lips for a minute it just lips against lips but it was HyukJae who moved his lips first,just as he softly sucked DongHae’s bottom lips,the brunette suddenly slipped his tounge inside HyukJae’s.The tounge work fasted inside,brushing and teasing to the spot that HyukJae never knew it was exist in there.

“Mmmhh”HyukJae let out a moaned when DongHae teasingly bitting the tip of his tounge”Let me make you comfortable,kay?”DongHae asked when they parted from the kissed.

HyukJae knew in the back of his sane mind,he knew this was just another game,this was wrong and this was just another way for DongHae to get whatever he wanted from HyukJae but his insane mind telling him that it was okey to do it with DongHae,this was once in the life time if in the end he will be the one with the broken heart be it,at least for now he wanted to felt it.

HyukJae nodded lightly.

DongHae took off HyukJae’s night shirt leaving him topless,the brunette made HyukJae lied on the bed without saying anything he leaned down putting one of HyukJae’s nipple inside his mouth,sucking it lightly.


DongHae other hand rubbing HyukJae’s other nipple than went down to slipped down inside HyukJae’s pants,he massaged the bulge on HyukJae’s before slipped his hand under the boxer HyukJae wore.

“Hae”A breathless moaned coming out from HyukJae,he can felt DongHae palming his cock,forefinger rubbing the slit of his cock.

DongHae trailed a kisses from HyukJae’s nipple until he reached HyukJae’s lips giving a sweet,slowed kissed to HyukJae.

HyukJae really..really wanted to lied saying that he didn’t enjoyed this even a little bit but he can’t,,he did enjoyed this so much.This was different from the first time he did it with DongHae,this time he was gentle and sober and HyukJae loved that kind of DongHae.

“Nnngghh”HyukJae moaned when DongHae dipped his forefinger on HyukJae’s leaking slit made it slightly wider”ahhn….ah…ahh”

DongHae lowered his hand until it reached HyukJae’s balls,he caressing it slowly,kneading it between his fingers,while his mouth busied with HyukJae’s nipples.DongHae gave each nipple a licked,he pecked HyukJae’s lips”I’ll take this off,okay?”Before HyukJae giving his answer DongHae already took his pants and boxer off.

DongHae gave a wet kisses from HyukJae’s collarbone,down to his chest,he gave a licked on both of his nipples,went down to his flat stomach teasingly bitting it making HyukJae whined,he went lower until it reached HyukJae’s groin.DongHae gave a wet licked all over the groin and sometime his tounge will slipped and brushed HyukJae’s balls.

“Ngghh….hah….ahn…ah..ahnn”HyukJae kept making a breathless moaned,he really wanted HyukJae to sucked him or do anything with his hard cock but never once DongHae touched or just brushed it,he did licked and sucked his groin but never touched the part that mostly needed attention.

“Haaee…mmhh….ahhn…hhhnn,please”HyukJae softly tugging at DongHae’s hairs.

DongHae bited the groin skin kinda hard,nibbling it between his teeth”My needy girlfriend”DongHae chuckled he came up to eat HyukJae’s lips again.

HyukJae blushing didn’t knew if he was blushing because DongHae teasing him that he was needy or he just called HyukJae,his girlfriend.

DongHae parted HyukJae’s buttcheeks with his fingers he rubbed the pink hole slowly,circled it a couple of time and very slowly pushed one of his finger inside the tight hole.

“DongHae”HyukJae gasped.

“Relax”He pecked HyukJae’s lips slowly pushed his finger until all went inside HyukJae’s”You are warm down here”HyukJae teased HyukJae,he slowly moved his one finger in and out HyukJae’s.

DongHae twirling his finger rubbing HyukJae’s walls and it hit HyukJae’s spot,the red haired under him suddenly arched his body so high made both of their cock touched,it created a heavenly friction.

“Hae….hah….agh…hhnn…Dong…haeeang”HyukJae opened his legs wider giving DongHae spaced to do his worked down ther,he clung tightly into DongHae’s neck sucking and bitting DongHae’s earlobe”Hae…ahhn…..ahh.Justahhn….Fuck..ahnn”

“Look at you so ready for it”DongHae pull out his finger,he got up from the bed slowly took off his clothes.HyukJae still lying naked on the bed watching with a red face DongHae seems teasing him,he really enjoyed took his time just to slide his pants off.

“Hae~”HyukJae threw all his pride away all his needed right now just get laid and the fact that DongHae was so gentle unlike their first time made him even more exicted even though this was just another game for DongHae,even though DongHae didn’t had any mutual feelings for him and HyukJae knew exactly DongHae  just taking advantage of his curiosity to do such a thing like this with him.But no matter what his mind said things liked that his body refused to listen it.

DongHae chuckle while slide off his boxer”So ready to get this big boy”He gestured to his hard cock”to get inside you,don’t you?”He sat in the edge of the bed”Come here”He gave his hand to HyukJae to helped the other to got up from the bed,he gesture HyukJae to kneeling in front of him,between his legs facing his hard standing cock”Put it in your mouth”

HyukJae had a shocked expression on his face,he shook his head fasted refused to do it.

DongHae cupped his faced,staring straight into HyukJae’s eyes”Don’t give me that pathetic look,I won’t do anything bad”

“But…but why?I can’t”

DongHae smiled softly”Unlike girls guys don’t get wet,I don’t wanna hurt you so you must lube me,it’ll be okey”

HyukJae nodded slowly just as usual can’t said”no”to DongHae,with shaking hands he held DongHae’s cock firmly he stroked it a couple times,hearing DongHae’s groaned without saying anything HyukJae took DongHae’s cock as much as he can inside his warm,wet mouth.

DongHae threw his head back”Oh,Shit”He moaned,hands gripped tightly on HyukJae’s head.

HyukJae didn’t knew what should he do but he was straight to the point he kept bobbing his head up and down tried to mad his mouth smaller to created a tight sucking vacuum to DongHae’s cock.

“That’s it….eat it,Hyukkie”DongHae said half groaned,half moaning he tried not to thrusted his hips on HyukJae’s mouth but it was a hard tasked to do when HyukJae slyly used his tounge to rubbed the slit of his cock,he unconsciously jolt,gave a hard thrusted inside HyukJae’s mouth”Fuck!”

HyukJae gaged he wanted to released DongHae’s cock”Mmmhh!”HyukJae protested still having a hard cock inside his mouth,he looked up with pleading eyes looking so full with DongHae’s cock inside him”Mmmhh!”

“A litte more”DongHae slightly pushed HyukJae’s head to do the sucking again.

HyukJae didn’t had any choiced he bobbed his head up and down again this time using his tounge all over the cock,dipped it on the leaking slit when he found DongHae’s ball he massaged it slowly.

DongHae knew if he let this continued he will soon came on HyukJae’s mouth that was tempting but he wanted to cum inside HyukJae’s hole,he thrusted his hips made HyukJae gaged just for the sake to wetting his cock then he pulled HyukJae to his lap.

The red haired coughing badly”I’m sorry”DongHae rubbed HyukJae’s back gently”I didn’t know you are a natural cock sucker”

HyukJae’s face became red,bright red.

“Did you gave other man a suck?”

HyukJae shook his head”First time”

DongHae made HyukJae laid on the bed again he gave a wet,long licked  on HyukJae’s inner thigh”Even with the man you are first with?”

Another shook head from HyukJae”No”

DongHae gave each thigh a kissed,he put HyukJae’s legs on his shoulder parted his buttcheeks this time he didn’t put his finger on—this time he put his tounge inside the tight hole.

“Aahhhnn”HyukJae moaned out loud.

DongHae kept pushing his tounge as deep as he can,rolling his tounge made a friction on HyukJae’s walls.

“Ahn…ah…ah…Hae….sto…ahhn….Hae….ahn”HyukJae was a moaning mess,he tried to said a word but always a moaned that coming out from his mouth.

“God!Hae…I’m…stop……ahhnn…..ah….Hae…I’m…I’m cumming!”

DongHae pulled his tounge out wiped his mouth with the back of his hand”Here we go”He slowly pushed his cock inside HyukJae’s.

A hard,thick cock spread HyukJae’s so wide it was hurt—hurt like the first time he was doing it”Stop!DongHae…..Stop….hurt”He pushed DongHae weakly”DongHae!...ahhn….Please….hurt!”

“It’s gonna over soon,the pleasure will come just hold on”DongHae kept pushing his cock inside tried to buried his thick cock inside HyukJae’s,he kept kissing,rubbing and licking HyukJae’s inner thigh to made HyukJae calmed and relaxed.

“Don’t…ah…ah…move!”HyukJae warned,he needed to adjust first.

DongHae kissed his inner thigh and slowly moved,giving a slow thrusted.


DongHae chuckled”Good right?”He gave another slow thrusted and it hit HyukJae’s prostated.


“Harder?Like this?”He gave a hard thrusted it went straight to HyukJae’s prostate,the man under him moaned out loud,arching his back so high,mad his cock rubbed on DongHae’s sweaty abs it was wet but it made the friction felt really good.


DongHae smirked he knew HyukJae was closed and he didn’t even touched his cock yet”What should I do,girlfriend?Huh?”He said between his hard thrusted.


“Touch?like this?”He slowly rubbed HyukJae’s cock but then he held it tight—to tight.

“Hae!nnnhh…..wanna…come…hae!”HyukJae whined he tried to swated DongHae’s hand away but fail when DongHae gave him another hard thrusted.

“Say the magic word”


“Wrong”Another hard thrusted.


“Damn!you are pretty!”He kissed HyukJae right on the lips sucking his bottom lips bitting it until he can tasted blood on his mouth,HyukJae was writhing under him.

“DongHaeeee!!Hurts….aahhnnnn….let me come….nngghh”

“Oppa~fuck Hyukkie”

Tears leaked out from HyukJae’s eyes didn’t knew if it was because DongHae held his cock too tightly prevented him to cum or the humiliation that he just can’t bare it.

HyukJae shook his head”Just…ahhnnn….please…anything…ahnn…anything but that”He plead.

“I can hold it”DongHae thrusted hard hitting HyukJae’s prostate again and again”I seriously can hold it until you said it,but you can’t.Say it I give you heaven”He licked the tears that came out from HyukJae’s eyes.

“O…ahnn….oppa..ahn”It was hard saying a word when you are feeling hurt but at the same time feeling a great pleasured”Fuck”HyukJae tried to control his breath”Hyukkie”

DongHae smirked he didn’t exactly released HyukJae’s cock he just slightly loosing it with a steady held on HyukJae’s cock he gave a firm stroked on HyukJae’s cock.

“Aaggnnhh…ohh….Hae…ah…ahn….I’m ahhhnn….aaahhnnnn”It didn’t took long for HyukJae to cum,he had been holding it,a couple of deep and hard thrusted with DongHae thrusting and hitting his prostate again and again.HyukJae spill his cum all over DongHae’s hand and abs.

DongHae was the same he had been holding it so when HyukJae’s inside muscle tightening around him,gripping his cock refused to let it go it was so hard to held it back,he cum inside HyukJae’s filling him with his warm juiced.

“Shit!Shitshit!”DongHae groaned he bite the junction between HyukJae’s neck and shoulder creating a new fresh marked.